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Strange Reparations
damien listening guitar
Title: Strange Reparations
Rating: R (language and sex)
Author: rogoblue
Summary: Alpha has just gone berserk and left the Dollhouse bathed in blood. But he didn’t stop there.

Laurence Dominic stepped across the threshold of his two bedroom condominium, sighing in relief. It had been a hellacious seventy-two hours since Alpha had decided to exit the Dollhouse after carving up far too many of its denizens. Dominic hadn’t eaten, slept or changed clothes and he was ready to consign those he was wearing to flame, cram most of a pizza into his mouth, have a beer or two and crash until noon tomorrow.

Adelle DeWitt had taken today off, spent it sequestered in her fancy house overlooking the ocean to contemplate next steps, leaving Dominic to manage clients on top of everything else. He’d ordered Topher to imprint Sierra to fill in and that seemed to have gone over reasonably well. No one had complained at least. Right now, that was more than good enough.

Tossing his keys on the dining room table, Dominic shrugged out of his suit jacket and draped it over the back of a chair. The holster and gun followed the path of the keys more or less. Tugging his tie loose, Dominic wondered what he’d done with the delivery menu from his favorite pizza place.

First things first. Beer. Change clothes. Food. I should file a field report on the Alpha incident, but that can wait a while. All it’ll do is rile up the NSA and they’ll issue orders I haven’t a prayer of carrying out.

Pulling a bottle of beer out of the refrigerator without a glance at the label, Dominic opened it and downed half in one long swallow. Feeling slightly better, he unknotted his tie and tossed it on the kitchen counter next to the discarded bottle cap. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. Screw the pizza, I need to sleep. Decision made, Dominic headed for his spacious, spartanly furnished bedroom, mind gloriously blank.

He stopped three paces into the room. Splayed across his bed was a bound, gagged and utterly naked Adelle DeWitt. Her eyes found his just before everything went black.

* * *

The telltale scent of smelling salts lingered as Laurence Dominic forced his eyes open. It took a few moments to ascertain that he was sprawled on the floor of his bedroom. What seemed far too much like a memory—Adelle tied to his bed—kept him in his current location while he assessed his situation. His left shirt sleeve had been rolled above his elbow and, when he squinted into the dim light of the small lamp on the bedside table, he could see a needle mark.

“We know you’re awake, Laurence,” said a familiar male voice. “Come out and play.”

Alpha! Fuck!

Dominic levered himself onto an elbow, other hand coming to rest on the substantial lump on the back of his head. He stared at blood smeared fingers for few seconds, suspecting he had no hope of getting to his sidearm.

“You really don’t want me to cut her, do you?” Alpha said, tone conversational and slightly amused. “I’d be sure to hit an artery. Or two. You’d be cleaning your walls for days and these lovely sheets would be ruined. Have to admire a man who appreciates a high thread count and who has the sense to avoid white, black and repeating geometric patterns. Laurence?”

“Wha … what do you want, Alpha?” Dominic snarled as he pushed into a seated position.

“Me?” Alpha asked, laughing too loudly for Dominic’s mildly ringing ears. “I don’t want anything. The exceptional Adelle DeWitt chose you.”

“For what?” Dominic’s eyes widened when he stood to find Alpha lounging next to Adelle on the bed, flipping a scalpel through his fingers and sipping Dominic’s beer.

“The past few days have been stressful for you both,” Alpha said, gesturing to Dominic and then to Adelle with the bottle. “I blame myself.”

“Fine,” Dominic said, eyes on Alpha as he glided slowly toward the foot of the bed to put more distance between them and get closer to his bedroom door. “Make it right by turning yourself in.”

“So you can lock me away in the Attic?” Alpha said, standing with nearly inhuman speed. “No thank you, Laurence. I’d prefer to make things up to you in a different way.”

Eyes darting to his bedroom door, assessing the odds of getting there before Alpha as slim to none, Dominic said, “How so?”

“Do you know what this is?” Alpha asked, putting down the beer bottle in order to toss over a spent syringe.

Dominic caught it without getting stuck and examined the label. He wasn’t as ignorant of science and medicine as he feigned in his current role, but nothing about this particular drug was familiar. “No idea,” Dominic said, tossing it back.

Alpha inclined his head toward Dominic, as if appreciating the bravado and implicit respect in his gesture being mimicked. “The drug has two primary properties. It influences the brain to reduce inhibitions and to release a level of hormones matching those of the recipient at his or her sexual peak.”

“It’s a date rape drug?” Dominic asked.

“That is such a harsh term, Laurence. You really must strive to be less judgmental.”

“I find it difficult to table judgment of someone who left the House bathed in blood.”

“You made me what I am.” Alpha shrugged, taking a step forward. “More precisely, Topher did at her behest.”

“Topher didn’t set out to make you what you are.”

“Then he wasn’t nearly careful enough, was he?” The ugly expression on Alpha’s face forced Dominic into a step back. Alpha shuddered and the hostility visibly left his body. “But this isn’t about me, Laurence. It’s about the two of you and the service I’ve done you in reparation.” Alpha held up the syringe. “This is indeed the ultimate date rape or sexual enhancement drug available, depending upon how it’s used.” Alpha closed half of the distance between him and Dominic, smiling broadly. “Think about it.”

Frowning, Dominic considered, his hand instinctively reaching for his stinging elbow. “It’s date rape if just one of the … participants takes it, but if they both have, then …”

“Exactly,” Alpha said with Topher-like enthusiasm. “I gave her a dose hours ago and a booster when I heard you arrive.” Alpha looked sidelong at Dominic. “You’ll be upset about the security people you assigned to her. I know you will, but I promise you, Laurence. I made it quick.” A sly smile appeared on Alpha’s face. “Except for the pretty, petite blonde woman, but only because I wanted to show Adelle the benefits of what I’d bestowed. The blonde put on quite the show once she let go of her preconceived notions of me and allowed herself to enjoy my attentions—once the drug worked its magic in other words.” Holding up both hands to Dominic, Alpha said, “But don’t worry, I didn’t force her to live with the shame.”

“You son of a bitch,” Dominic snarled, muscles tensing to make a violent gesture, however futile. A noise from the bed drew his gaze. Eyes boring into his, Adelle shook her head sharply. Obeying her had become ingrained, but it rarely had been so difficult.

“It’s not his fault, Adelle,” Alpha said, crossing to Laurence’s side. “His hormones are rocketing to levels his body’s not dealt with since he was eighteen or so. Here’s hoping the older ticker can handle the upcoming exertion.” Alpha grinned. “Near double pun definitely intended.”

“Back off,” Dominic demanded.

“Touchy,” Alpha said, draping an arm around Dominic’s shoulders. “You’d expect that, Adelle. As with most sexual things, this drug hits men harder and faster.” Alpha turned to Dominic, hugging him slightly. “Look at her,” Alpha purred in Dominic’s ear. “The delicate hands, the well proportioned forearms, lightly but definitively muscled upper arms and shoulders. Seriously, Laurence, don’t you want to sink your teeth into one of those.”

“I duh … don’t … bite women.” Dominic tried unsuccessfully to channel his emotions into rage at Alpha.

“Not even if they beg you to?” Alpha regarded Dominic as though he were an odd specimen on a slab. “Ah,” Alpha said, slapping his forehead with his free hand. “You’ve not yet enjoyed that delightful experience. That’s what happens to the buttoned up, battened down, seriously repressed among us. Well, given how I’ve primed the luscious lady before you, you may broaden your horizons considerably this evening.” Alpha kissed Dominic on the cheek and whispered, “No need to thank me,” in his ear.

“I have no intention of thanking you,” Dominic muttered, barely noticing when Alpha grasped his chin to direct him to look at Adelle, focused instead on somehow silencing his body’s increasing demands.

“Forget her shoulder,” Alpha suggested. “Go straight to the gorgeous line of her throat. Bite her there, high enough to be seen over her collar and she’s marked as yours. Everyone will think you bent her over her desk and had your wicked way with her.”

“No one would suspect that, much less think it.”

“I’ve always liked you, Laurence,” Alpha said, grinning at Dominic. “Really. You speak what you want your mind to be with conviction. I admire that. I truly do.”

What I want my mind to be? Does Alpha know I’m NSA? How in the … oh, God, don’t writhe like that on my bed, Adelle. Please fucking don’t.

“But you can do that with me—pretend, I mean, because I know your mind,” Alpha said. “You want to nail this stone fox so that she limps for a month.” Alpha slapped Dominic’s cheek lightly. “I mean, c’mon. Look at those breasts. They’re freaking edible.” Adelle lifted her upper body as if in offering. “And she wants whatever you deign to give her. The drug and I have seen to that. You’ll never have a better opportunity, Laurence.” Inclining his head to stage whisper into Dominic’s ear, Alpha said, “Between you and me, her breasts crave attention. You take care of them; she’ll scream for you. No doubt about it. A guaranteed win.”

Lacking anything approaching his accustomed control, Dominic stared at Adelle, sincerely hoping he didn’t begin to drool. Christ, she has a phenomenal body. But I can’t do this. I’m not supposed to sleep with her.

“If her breasts don’t do it for you, look no further than those thighs,” Alpha crooned, adjusting the angle of Dominic’s head to ensure he did just that. “What heterosexual man alive wouldn’t want to dive between those?” Dominic’s groan was echoed in Adelle’s whimper. “Failure of discipline isn’t a bad thing, Laurence. Really. She doesn’t want you to avert your eyes, resist the temptation of her body and chivalrously take her back to the House. She wants you to give in and fuck her blind. Don’t you, honey?

Adelle closed her eyes but not before Dominic saw the tears leaking from them. “Get out, Alpha,” he demanded.

“Of course, Laurence.” Alpha clapped Dominic on the shoulder. “Enjoy yourselves, kids. Don’t fret over where to send the thank you notes. I owed the both of you some tension release.” Whistling a happy tune, Alpha waved to Dominic, bowed to Adelle and left the room.

Closing his eyes, clenching his fists, Dominic fought the urges coursing through him. When he felt a bit more himself, Dominic stalked through his condo to make sure Alpha had gone, locking the front door and throwing the dead bolt. For all the good that’ll do. Squaring his shoulders, he returned to his bedroom. “I’ll untie you and find you some clothes, ma’am,” he muttered, bending over Adelle, working at the gag with unsteady hands.

“Thank you, Mr. Dominic,” Adelle whispered when he managed to free her mouth.

“I thought the security team I sent with you was up to the task,” he said, moving to the rope binding Adelle’s left wrist. “I regret the error.”

“You did what you thought best,” Adelle said. “That has been more than adequate in the past.”

Not wanting to see or acknowledge any possible concern or speculation in her expression, Dominic turned his back when he switched to her left ankle. Alpha’s given her two doses of that stuff. Unsure he wanted to know the answer, he asked, “How do you feel?”

“Aroused.” The word fell between them like the blade of a guillotine. Adelle sighed and Dominic imagined her moving her recently freed arm about. “Quite painfully aroused. What about you?”

“Angry,” he muttered, mounting frustration with the knots Alpha had used allowing Dominic to embrace the lie. Was the bastard a fucking boy scout or did Topher put that little detail in one of the imprints that composited?

“It was excruciating watching Alpha with Ms. Benedict.” Dominic felt the tremor that flowed through Adelle as he succeeded in loosening the recalcitrant knot. “I tried closing my eyes and that helped immensely, but Alpha saw what I had done and commenced a monologue describing his actions with exquisite detail. His words and her non-verbal responses eroded my control.”

“You don’t have to tell me anything,” Dominic said, freeing her left foot, gently fingering the rope burns on her ankle, noting they were far worse than those on her wrist. “I have some salve you can put on this.”

“Thank you. But I must confess that Alpha’s interaction with you destroyed any vestige of restraint to which I’d managed to cling.”

To Dominic’s relief and surprise given her declaration, Adelle bore his efforts with regard to her right ankle in silence, making it easier to focus his eyes and full attention on that portion of her anatomy. When he shifted to take care of her right hand, Adelle sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed into position behind Dominic. Aware of the heat of her body, he jumped when her left hand settled on his shoulder. “What did Alpha mean when he said you chose me?”

Adelle’s breath tickled his earlobe. “I thought I didn’t have to tell you anything.”

“You don’t. Doesn’t mean I can’t ask, does it?”

“Of course not.” Her sensual whisper dried his mouth and accelerated his heart rate. Fortunately, he had perfected his untying technique by that time and freed her right hand in record time.

“I’ll find you some clothes,” he muttered, standing.

“Don’t bother with clothes but do bring the salve,” Adelle said, wincing as she rubbed an ankle.

“Excuse me?”

Adelle regarded him for a long moment. “Mr. Dominic, neither you nor I will be able to function in our respective capacities within the Dollhouse under the influence of this drug.”

“It’ll be challenging, I admit, but—.”

“You may well be able to manage the hormonal component for a time,” Adelle said, “but once the inhibition loss effect becomes more prominent, you’ll understand and accept my reasoning.” Eyes wandering over Dominic, lingering here and there, Adelle sighed. “Primed as your body will be, without the boundaries of your inhibitions, you won’t be at all interested in adhering to your strict policy of not sleeping with the women under your supervision. I imagine you’d not regret a lapse in that regard very much if it involved Lisa Grayson. Sex with just about anyone else would be most difficult for you to rationalize.”

“There’s nothing between Ms. Grayson and me.”

“There may well be if you insist on the folly of returning to the House in this state.”

“It’s that … effective?” Dominic asked.

“Inhibitions are learned. Sex is instinctual. Particularly for men.” She took his hand. “Be grateful Alpha decided not to, as he so colorfully put it, stay to watch the fireworks.” Squeezing his hand lightly, she said, “The salve?”

“Sure.” It took the full measure of a lifetime of discipline to walk, rather than run, into the attached bath. I just have to get her the salve, some clothes, take her back to the House, lock her in her office and me in mine without making a damn fool of myself. I’ve done more difficult things. I think. A few minutes of rummaging revealed three salve options. Dominic read each of the labels, refusing to characterize the action as stalling. Eyes lowered, he returned and offered Adelle the salve he’d chosen.

“Am I so repugnant to you?” she murmured.

“What?” Startled, Dominic looked up and got another eyeful of Adelle DeWitt in all her naked glory. Breath catching in his throat as she stretched, extended her arms over her head and aimed a small mysterious smile up at him, he managed, “No. I’m just trying to avoid starting something we’ll both regret. That’s all.”

Adelle laughed. “Alpha has already put those wheels in motion.”

“Doesn’t mean we have to play along.”

“Yes, it does.” When Dominic shook his head, Adelle shifted to bring her left ankle within her reach. His eyes drifted to the gentle sway of her breasts, but Dominic spared some attention for Adelle’s words. “I’ve read the reports on this particular product of Rossum’s. Cold showers exacerbate the effects, as does self-gratification, although I’m uncertain how they designed that into the drug. If users avoid sex with a partner, it doesn’t wear off for days.”

“Days?” In other circumstances, Dominic would’ve been embarrassed by the tiny squeak making its way into his voice. “I’ll feel like this for days?”

“Like what?” Adelle asked.

Like I’ll explode if I don’t throw you down on the bed and take you hard from behind. “Hold on,” Dominic said, a modicum of sanity returning. “If this shit doesn’t wear off for days, why did Alpha give you a booster when I came home?”

“I believe he suspected you might require … persuasion in the form of a desperately needy woman in your bed, restrained or not.”

Desperately needy? Christ almighty! Mindful that the best defense is a good offense, Dominic said, “Why? It’s not like I’m celibate or anything.”

“Yes, but we both, well, all three of us, if you include Alpha, know I’m not one of the women with whom you routinely slake your physical needs.”

Exactly what is a man supposed to say to something like that? Inspiration didn’t come, so Dominic kept his mouth shut as he watched Adelle finish spreading salve on her rope burns. Tossing the tube onto his bedside table, she stood, stepped close and asked, “What sort of woman do you usually entertain in this room?”

“There is no ‘sort’ of woman.” Adelle’s body called to his, making additional words more difficult to form. Smiling, Adelle brought her hands to rest just above his elbows, slid them up to his shoulders and over to lace her fingers together behind his neck. When she licked her lips, his knees nearly buckled. “I don’t have a … ah … a … type.”

“Are you certain?” She punctuated her question by rocking her lower body into his.

“At this moment, I am,” he muttered through gritted teeth.

“A five foot nine, green eyed brunette might do at this moment?” she suggested, stroking his right thigh with her left.

“Anyone would do at this fucking moment,” he groaned, hands gripping her waist tightly enough to bruise and firmly enough to keep her lower body from contacting his.


Unexpectedly, a chuckle leapt out of him. “I feel safe in saying I could limit myself to the female gender and, even if I couldn’t, Topher I could resist indefinitely.”


Dominic’s eyes drifted closed and an image of the active he couldn’t stand and didn’t trust appeared in his mind’s eye. “If she wasn’t in doll state, probably,” he admitted.

“Do you feel as you did in your late teens?”

The bit of clinical detachment that slipped into her voice stoked his temper. Moving his hands over her ass, pulling her against him, he growled, “Still painfully aroused?” A long low moan left Adelle’s lips immediately. “So am I, but if I’d have been this hard when I was eighteen, I’d have fucked anything—up to and including Topher.”

“And what of farm animals?”

“Fortunately, there weren’t too many of them in Manhattan, so that possibility was never put to the test.”

“I imagine the young ladies of the time weren’t unwilling,” Adelle said, stroking his cheek with gentle fingers.

Catching himself leaning into her touch, he put every ounce of sarcasm he could muster into his voice. “And why exactly would you imagine that?”

Adelle pressed even tighter against him, something Dominic hadn’t believed possible. “Arresting eyes. Tall, lean and muscular body. Most decidedly ready, willing and able. Boys have succeeded with far less to recommend them.”

“May …,” Dominic bit back a moan when Adelle nipped lightly at the base of his throat, but he couldn’t suppress a gasp or refrain from tightening his grip on her body. “Maybe I was a … a chubby kid.”

“You weren’t.” Adelle tugged the back of his dress shirt out of his slacks and slipped her hand beneath to stroke the skin of his lower back. “You had sex for the first time earlier than all of your friends with an older girl you all knew and wanted. She was flattered by the attention she received from you and your mates and, as I did, she chose you.” Dominic pushed Adelle away, breathing hard, mind struggling to process what she’d just said and, following that, wondering how she’d arrived at her supposition. “Am I close?” she asked, tone teasing, busy hands untucking his shirt the rest of the way. “Am I, Laurence?” Adelle whispered, her eyes locked with his. Off balance, and not just from her rare use of his first name, Dominic didn’t resist Adelle’s effort to divest him of his belt. “Won’t you indulge my … curiosity?” she asked, kneeling down before him.

“What are you doing?” Dominic murmured, wariness battling with lust. Adelle responded by untying his left dress shoe, smiling up at him, undoubtedly at his small sigh of relief mingled with disappointment. Trying to ignore the strange eroticism of a naked Adelle DeWitt removing his socks and shoes, Dominic tried to reassert some semblance of order. “You’re pretty close, ma’am.” Making a disapproving noise, Adelle pressed her thumbs into the arch of his foot and Dominic groaned at the extremely pleasant sensation, relaxing enough to loosen his tongue. “Carrie was Malcolm’s math tutor. She was home for the summer following her sophomore year at RPI.”

“You were in what year of high school?” Adelle ventured, as she regained her feet with admirable grace and aplomb.

“What does that matter?” he asked, trying to get his breathing under control.

“It doesn’t. I merely wish to pass the time while I undress you.” She had unbuttoned the top two shirt buttons when Dominic sent the rest of them flying by simply yanking his shirt open.

To her raised eyebrow, he shrugged. “I’ve worn it three days running; I never want to see it again.”

Pushing it off of his shoulders before turning her attention to his slacks, Adelle murmured, “Pity. I enjoy this color on you.”

“I’ll buy another one,” Dominic promised as he stepped out of the last of his clothing.

“Excellent,” Adelle whispered before pulling his head down to hers and joining their mouths in a kiss that became heated with what Dominic would normally have considered embarrassing speed. They practically fell onto the bed in the haste to touch, to taste, to experience. “No,” Adelle moaned when Dominic moved his lips to her throat. “I need you inside me. Now.”

Obeying her breathless command, Dominic hissed in pleasure. Only a couple of thrusts later, Adelle groaned and spasmed against him. God, how long has she been that close? Her second orgasm drove Dominic harder and he had no idea whether she’d had another before he did, because his focus had narrowed to his own pleasure. Body flushed with exertion and relaxed by release, he rolled off of Adelle to stare at the ceiling and try to come to terms with just having fucked his boss. That’s what it had been. No finesse. No technique. No real consideration of her as a person or even particularly as a woman. Just a fuck. When he risked a glance at Adelle, she smiled at him and rested her chin on his chest. “What?” he said, squirming slightly as her fingernails scraped deliciously against the skin of his lower abdomen.

“I was merely thinking it is a good thing that Lisa Grayson is unaware of the opportunity that is passing her by as we speak.”

“The opportunity isn’t passing her by as we speak,” he countered, noting that Adelle didn’t seem put off in the least by the nature of their encounter. “Talking isn’t breaking down that drug.”

Adelle’s soft laughter sent a pleasant jolt through Dominic which was nothing in comparison to the sensations as her fingernails drifted lower. “Relax, Laurence,” Adelle murmured, lips brushing the spot where his neck met his right shoulder before meandering along his throat to his chin. Then they were kissing, mouths open, tongues dueling, his hands entangled in her hair, her free hand cupping the back of his neck. Before long, Adelle broke off the kiss and whispered, “Eighteen year old hormones are not to be wasted,” as she straddled Dominic and joined their bodies once more.

* * *

Laurence Dominic looked over Lisa Grayson’s preliminary report concerning the carnage Alpha had wrought at Adelle DeWitt’s house, closed posture dismissing the younger woman hovering across his desk. When Grayson didn’t take the hint, he said, “Yes, Ms. Grayson.”

“How did DeWitt escape injury, Dom?” Lisa asked, tone low, urgent. “More importantly, where is she?”

“In her office, I’d guess,” he said.

“She’s not. Bates and Alger are up there in case Alpha decides to pay her another visit.”

Faced with her very reasonable questions, Dominic said, “Ms. DeWitt escaped because Alpha let her. Fortunately, she didn’t panic, followed the emergency protocol she and I had agreed upon and arrived at her destination safely.”

“What destination, Dom?”

Ice blue eyes boring into Grayson’s, he said, “A secure one.” Tossing the report on his desk, Dominic added, “As to her present whereabouts, there are only a few choices—the secure location, en route home or here, in the House or in the main building heading up to her office.”

“How can you be so blasé about this?” Grayson demanded.

“I’m not fucking blasé.” Dominic surged to his feet, the adrenaline spike suggesting that the drug Alpha had given him might not have completely worked its way out of his system. “I’m relieved that Alpha decided for whatever reason that he didn’t want Adelle dead. I don’t know how I’d have explained that to upper management.” Dominic rubbed tired eyes. “Will you see to it that we’re on plan for the rest of today’s as well as tomorrow’s engagements now, please?”

“Of course, Mr. Dominic.”

Dominic sighed at the uncharacteristic formality but acknowledged his relief that Grayson hadn’t called him on the use of Adelle’s first name. I couldn’t exactly tell her that anything other than first names is ludicrous when you have sex with a woman, the next best thing to continuously for ten or twelve hours. He wouldn’t have had to, though. A lie would’ve leapt to his tongue. Dominic had no fear of that. They always did.

Without meaning to, he’d fallen asleep just after Adelle had. He’d woken a few hours later and dragged his exhausted self out of bed to take care of things. First, Dominic had set out a button down shirt and pair of sweats Adelle could wear while he was out and left a note apologizing that all he could offer her was coffee. Dominic went to Adelle’s house and had observed Alpha’s handiwork first hand before calling in a team to clean up the mess. Before they arrived, Dominic had left with more appropriate clothing for Adelle and a small selection of cosmetics. She had still been asleep when he’d returned to his condo, so Laurence replaced the loaner clothes with her own and left his car keys next to the note about the coffee, adding that his parking space was number 117 and including a small drawing showing its location within the parking structure at the base of the condominium tower. He’d walked to work, arriving at 12:30 pm to find the House in another near panic. Judith had done her best to stick to the schedule of engagements, but cooperation had not been particularly forthcoming from any quarter. Dominic’s insistence and scowls brought things closer to fully functional, but he knew only Adelle could completely right the ship. He’d thought about calling his condo to wake her but hadn’t been able to bring himself to do it. She’d looked gorgeously disheveled wrapped in his sheets.

Carrying his sixth or seventh cup of coffee—uncharacteristically he’d lost count, Dominic left the solitude of his office and followed the rising murmur of voices toward Topher’s domain. Topher revolved around Adelle DeWitt, as if trying to determine if the vision in deep blue silk and serious heels was real. Langton regarded Adelle with narrowed eyes, as though he could see the telltale bruises beneath her clothes. Dr. Saunders demanded to examine her for injuries and Lisa Grayson seconded that motion.

“I assure you all; I have no need of a medical examination, whether cursory or thorough,” Adelle said, smiling in a superior, faintly indulgent way.

“How did Alpha seem?” Topher asked, avid eyes belying his casual tone.

Adelle glanced at Dominic before she said, “Sarcastic and strangely playful between bouts of anger and venom concerning what we did to him.”

A smile tugged at Dominic’s lips at the fear settling in on Topher’s face. Feeling Adelle’s displeasure at his reaction, Dominic said, “I’ve assigned you a security detail, Topher.”

“You assigned one to her too,” the neuroscientist whined. “Look what happened to them.”

“I thought of that.” He crossed his arms in front of him. “So I assigned fewer personnel to you in the hope that Alpha might not sate himself and decide to leave you in one piece.”

“With me, Mr. Dominic,” Adelle said, moving past Langton, stopping when the tall, soft spoken man grasped her arm.

“With all due respect, Ms. DeWitt,” Langton said, “shouldn’t we focus our efforts on finding Alpha rather than attempting to carry on business as usual?”

“Everything that can be done to find Alpha is being done,” Dominic said.

“Surely we could imprint some actives to track him,” Langton said, finally deigning to look Dominic’s way.

“Already done, man friend,” Topher said. “Bravo and Charlie have worked the crime scene. Sierra and Tango are pounding the pavement, gumshoe style.” Topher grinned. “They’re wearing trench coats and everything.”

Is the idiot blushing?

“I’m … ah … I’m pretty sure they both have clothes on underneath.” Topher gazed around the group as though looking for understanding. “Like 93 to 95 percent sure.”

“The secure location—,” Lisa Grayson began.

Adelle said, “Is secure by virtue of only a few persons knowing of its existence.”

“What persons are those?”

“Let it go, Lisa,” Dominic said, tone soft but brooking no argument.

“You’re limping,” Dr. Saunders said. “I should have a look at you.”

“Nonsense,” Adelle said. “I pulled a muscle while fencing. I’ve been limping for the last several days. Mr. Dominic and Echo both remarked on it.” Adelle faced each of her inquisitors in turn. “Return to your duties everyone. As you can see, I’m fine with the exception of a preexisting fencing injury.”

“An encounter with Alpha can be psychologically stressful,” Dr. Saunders murmured as Topher, Langton and Grayson moved off. “You should talk to someone about it.”

“I’ll discuss the details with Mr. Dominic,” Adelle said. “I believe he may even find humor in some of Alpha’s banter.” Adelle gave Dominic a significant look as she stepped away from the doctor. He fell in alongside her and they walked through the House in silence for a full minute. “Thank you for bringing me clothes and for the loan of your car. I parked it in your customary space downstairs. Judith has the keys.”

“You’re welcome, ma’am.”

“Tell me, Mr. Dominic, why did you select these shoes?”

He glanced down at the undoubtedly hideously expensive heels. “Black goes with everything, doesn’t it?”

Adelle smiled. Dominic regarded her with polite attentiveness. “Indeed,” she murmured. “Do we have any leads on Alpha’s whereabouts?”


“Are we hopeful?”

“Not particularly.” Dominic shrugged at Adelle’s inquisitive look. “He’s brilliant, ma’am. And he was a criminal. If he wants to stay hidden, he will. At least for a time.” He sighed and rolled both shoulders. “After a while, he might fall into predictable patterns, revisit old haunts, things like that, but not at first.”

“Understood.” Adelle looked sidelong at him. Dominic waited. “If you don’t mind my saying so, you look exhausted.”

Expression perfectly neutral, Dominic said, “I didn’t sleep much.”

“No, you surely did not.”

A fleeting playfulness in her expression caught his eye as they reached the elevator to her office. “I’m going to stay down here,” he said, swiping his card key to activate the elevator for her. “See and be seen. Keep people on plan. Help them think they’re safe.”

“Of course.”

“When you’re ready, I’ll drive you home.”

“Why?” she asked.

Somewhat surprised at the near challenge in her tone, he replied, “Because your car isn’t here.”

“I see.” Expression expectant, Adelle said, “And then?”

Suddenly wary, Dominic said, “And then … what?”

“After you’ve driven me home?”

Speaking slowly, carefully, watching her closely, he said, “I’ll drive myself home.”


“That was my intention, yes.”

There’s that damn playful look again. What the hell? “Ms. DeWitt?”

Adelle stepped into the elevator and turned to face him. “Is it really any wonder I chose you, Laurence?” The door closed on her enigmatic smile.

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oh my LORD. Incredibly hot, a little bit scary and just the right amount of funny. ♥

I wanted to write Alpha again and this seemed like the time to do it. Then I had to figure out what I wanted Alpha to do. The idea of Alpha giving these two a little nudge in the right direction was too bizarre to pass up.

Anything with Alpha needs to be scary and funny, so I'm glad that worked. And I wanted it to be funny because too much angst wears me out. The theme of "choosing" just kind of came out of nowhere but I was glad because it gave me my ending. And, for once, the title was simple.

Glad you enjoyed it.

The addition of Alpha just increased the hotness quotient. I kind of have a thing for him being all manipulative and voyeuristic.

I have consistently writtenn Alpha as manipulative and voyeuristic. Was that in the show somewhere? Manipulative maybe was. I can't remember. Ah ... an excuse to watch again.

Thanks for reading!

there needs to be a sequel with the events from Adelle's POV ;)

I blame you for some very nasty thoughts wandering through my mind at the moment. I do.

PLEASE. Especially stuff with Alpha, since it sounds like he may have had a little fun of his own before Dom showed up. I'd like to see her perspective on that ;)

My brain was rocketing toward when Dominic drove her home as he says he will and what might be waiting.

that would also be awesome. I think you just need to write all the fic in the world, ever.

The price of such a thing might be you reading a novel I'm getting ready to shop--where I've envisioned Reed playing Lucifer (who is the anti-hero of the piece).

Oh, Laurence! You're so deliciously oblivious and it's that very thing that makes us love you. And by us, I mean Adelle.

FANTASTIC job with this, I love their interactions and dialogue.

He is oblivious, in part, because he chooses to be. And so damn professional nearly throughout.

I'm glad the dialogue shines through. It's my favorite bit. Once I got past the first paragraph (which took an exceedingly long time) the story practically wrote itself. Which has to mean I was in a very strange frame of mind when I wrote it.

Love this - it manages to be funny, hot and slightly creepy. The way Adelle is far less freaked out than Laurence really amused me; ruthlessly practical works for some very strange scenarios it seems. And the ending is just perfect.

I strive to put humor in all of these things, even the most angsty, because it helps me. I think the show would've been better with a bit more humor. Hot (D/D) and slightly creepy (Alpha) are kind of prerequisites--right?

I kind of abandoned my obsession with balance here. Adelle was far less freaked out, perhaps because she had longer to become accustomed to her situation, perhaps because she occassionally likes to play this way, perhaps because she doesn't have a different set of orders to follow like he does. Or, more likely, she's embraced the opportunity she's been given--to test drive her Head of Security. Who really knows?

I made the ending sequence a little longer because it didn't quite work--added the stuff about driving her home. I think it works better longer.

I think any of those possible reasons why she is more OK with it are plausible.

Creepy, sexy, funny, and OH MAN, the banter is aces!! ♥ LOVE that exchange at the end.

I'm glad people are enjoying reading this. It was fun to write and I'm really not dwelling on what that says about me.

I really think these two characters could've had really interesting conversations. Too bad they weren't given many opportunities on the show itself.

I wanted the exchange at the end to show that everything could be business as usual, if Adelle wanted that. Or not, if Adelle wanted that. Without actually saying it, of course.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

This was brillant!

Anything with Alpha automatically gets an A+ in my books but this was phenominal. I loved the dialogue, the humour, the sexiness and D/D taking advantage of a crazy happenstance.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I wanted to write Alpha and Alpha pushing DeWitt and Dominic in the right direction was too delicious to pass up.

I'm glad Alpha played well. It's always dangerous because of the weird concept they had for him.\\

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth and all of that. I'm so glad this played for you. Humor is huge for me, as is dialogue, so your feedback is HUGE. Thank you.

Adelle pressed even tighter against him, something Dominic hadn’t believed possible. “Arresting eyes. Tall, lean and muscular body. Most decidedly ready, willing and able. Boys have succeeded with far less to recommend them.” LOVES!!

I really, really enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. The story was fun to write. And, for whatever reason, Adelle analyzing YoungDominic was a necessary part of it. I have no rationale for that other than it was interesting for her to infer things about him.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

Creepy, sexy and hot. Hot damn *fans self*

Well, ladyvivian has pushed me to a sequel and ... ah ... it's all her fault. Clearly. I'm not to blame.

But, yes, this story was designed (hopefully) to be creepy (Alpha interacting with anybody), sexy (Adelle) and hot (D/D). I hadn't written Alpha in a long time and I wasn't sure I could do it again, but I needed something for celebration week.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment

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