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One Day Younger Than Me
damien listening guitar
Had to make a quick entry to wish a very happy birthday to one of my oldest friends, topaz119. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I offer today's version of scruffy looking in my book at least (and the reason I'm still watching Revolution is to get to the episode where this person will appear--11/19).


Somewhat reminiscent of the 2010 version (when we were not yet you know how old).

Have a spectacular day!

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oooo, scruffy -- you know me well! Thank you!

Speaking of RD, D & I were watching movies on our little mini-getaway and I looked up and there he (reed) was -- Moneyball. Just a tiny part, but still fun to see him. :D

You are most welcome. Sounds like you had a great weekend too. Excellent. Hope the cheese and such didn't disappoint.

Moneyball was good. I enjoyed it. Reed was a nice bonus in that, I thought.

Robert's team won again. Now they're practicing under the lights in temps below 30 degrees. Mom is not liking this bit at all!

Anne was insisting she's stupid until I showed her her first quarter grades. This curriculum is easy! Hopefully we can get past the ridiculousness now. But I doubt it. Sigh.

This too shall pass or be endured or something.

Ugh, yes, Luke is refereeing a tournament this weekend & games start @ 7:30 in the morning, which is crazy. Sports. I'm not sure where the sense is sometimes.

I just went & checked & your gift is still in process--somedays I love etsy more than others, sigh. It is in process, though, so that's something.

Your gift has arrived. Thanks so much. I look forward to the opportunity to channel my inner Yoda. I think I have a suitable and fitting (and, of course, tasteful) chain on which to display it.

Must return to packing for our Thanksgiving trek to our cabin now. Fun times (once we get there and unpack everything).

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

There should have been 2 tiles and a chain in the package? One Yoda tile and one Louisa May Alcott quote tile--let me know if that didn't happen.

We just got back from a couple of days with my parents and will be packing up dinner for 15 and going down to D's parents' tomorrow. And then on Friday, I get to have a massage, \o/.

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