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Birds of a Feather? Franklin and Bash Fic
damien focused guitar
Rating: R for language
Author: rogoblue
Summary: An Infeld Daniels function affords an odd opportunity for two people who have more in common than meets the eye.
Spoilers: Season 2, episode 5 mostly.
Words: 2,900+.
Disclaimers: The toys are not mine but the idea is.
Dedication: To obsessivelisa for asking about Damien/Jared. Note this—I generally target an episode of a show and write a fanfic to fix what bothered me about it. This addresses my concerns re episode 2.05.

“That’s an impressive scowl, even by your standards and, believe me, you’ve set that bar really high. What’s going on in that big brain of yours?”

Damien Karp spun slowly seventeen degrees to his left to glare at Jared Franklin. From anyone else, a comment about a big brain might just be a complement, but Damien assumed the midget meant something more along the lines of cavernous.

“Drink?” Franklin asked, offering what looked to be a Manhattan. “I couldn’t help but notice that you hadn’t availed yourself of the open bar.” Franklin grinned. “I do love this law firm’s party down attitude, even if they have to bring charity into it most of the time.” Damien made no move to take the beverage. Jared rolled his eyes. “It isn’t poisoned,” he said, sipping it reverently. “See? Perfectly drinkable.”

“What possessed you to bring me a drink?” Damien demanded.

“Other than the scowl?” To Damien’s nod, Franklin smirked. “I was wondering … well, truth be told, I’m not the only one wondering if the rumor’s true.”

“I’m not going to speak to rumors.”

“How very political of you!” Franklin grinned big. “You’re beyond ready for your run at a judicial appointment. With Peter and I managing your campaign—.”

“Never going to happen.”

“Suit yourself,” Franklin said, insufferable ebullience painfully evident. “Speaking of suits, more or less, the female associates are giving the darker colored dress shirts high marks, along with the more aggressive ties. Just FYI.”

“Duly noted and just as soon forgotten,” Damien muttered, wondering if Franklin thought he cared about impressing that particular contingent. He tasted his drink and nodded in approval. “Makers.”

“The judge-to-be knows his bourbon.” Franklin touched the rim of his glass to Damien’s and laughed. “I might even vote for you.”

“What do you want, Jared?”

Gesturing with his glass, Franklin said, “Hanna seems awfully cozy with her boyfriend—one noun not two. Has that development occasioned the scowl of perfection?” When Damien didn’t speak in two heartbeats, Franklin said, “As in something fiercely primal like a perfect storm. Great book, sucky movie, but you could star in The Perfect Scowl.”

Damien readied a dismissive salvo of amazement that Franklin read anything other than Playboy, but it misfired. “I … I don’t know the answer to your question.”

After apparently mentally reviewing his own babble, Franklin said, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

“Your inappropriate curiosity aside, it’s clear Bash has traded you in for his fake blonde DA. Did he miss the lecture on conflict of interest?” Franklin’s flinch hit Damien broadside and he searched for something to say to fill the extremely awkward and oddly charged silence, even as he wondered why he bothered. “I don’t see the attraction myself,” Damien ventured. “She’s too … well, she’s probably too a lot of things, but that’s not what’s most annoying. Her constant ‘our concern is blah, blah, blah’ grates on my nerves. Does she think she speaks for the people or personifies justice or something equally ridiculous?” He smirked. “Justice wears a blindfold not a wonder bra.”

“Exactly!” Damien decided he vastly preferred the glum version of Jared Franklin to the zealot, but that train had clearly left the station. “She’s everything Peter’s not and way too serious for him or anybody else for that matter, other than maybe you.” Franklin paused, evidently to assess. “Nah, she’s too uptight for a guy whose male BFF from college wanted to fuck him into next week before they bought a house together and lived happily ever, once the surrogate mother had been selected and produced the requisite number of babies.” Nudging Damien’s elbow with his shoulder, he said, “For which you should be forever grateful.”

Damien took a slug of his perfectly made Manhattan, as he wondered how many Franklin had already consumed. “I should be grateful for what exactly?”

“That you haven’t been targeted by the Janie from Hell.”

Laughing, Damien asked, “She’s leading your better half on, you think?”

“He’s so totally not the better half.”

Height jokes were really too easy but Damien didn’t care to resist. “I guess he’d actually be the better three-quarters.”

Franklin rolled his eyes. “Do the math however you want, Damien. The fact is, I could prove my case very easily, but I can’t bear to bore even you with the lyrics of the lame, totally and completely lame, utterly and incomprehensibly lame song he wrote for her the first time they slept together and—.”

“Does he write lame songs for women often?”

Sighing profoundly, Jared said, “No, thank God.”

Curious despite himself, Damien asked, “So how are you going to deal with the Janie problem?”

Jared smiled beatifically. “Having a drink with you is doing the situation a world of good.” Franklin lowered his voice. “If you would lean in closer, we’d be even more golden.”

For reasons he couldn’t fathom, Damien did. “Because you speaking to me intrigues Bash?”

“Or scares the shit out of him. Hanna too, vis a vis you, evidently.”

Damien resisted the urge to look toward his beautiful ex-lover. “So what happens now? Do we wander off and try to convince them that we’re plotting something to their detriment?”

“Tell me about the pitcher with all those strikeouts, Damien.”

Beginning to suspect that Franklin’s reasoning about wandering off did not fall in line with his, Damien asked, “What do you want to know?”

“You really didn’t know he was hot for you?”

“Obviously not. Even when he admitted it on the stand a few weeks ago, I found it hard to believe. Not really and the evidence sure seemed to be stacking up against his assertion.” Damien drank and thought back to Lance brushing aside his attempt at an apology. “Then he told me it was just a crush and that I wasn’t his type anymore. I can buy the latter, but the former doesn’t track.” Franklin sipped his drink and at least appeared attentive. “He waited until now to come out, married a woman and tried to make it work for three years and has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with a man. That’s not a crush. That’s a piece of self-absorption I can never atone for.”

Expression uncommonly serious, Franklin said, “Dude, you were a kid. Everyone’s self-absorbed at that age. Do you really think you’d have done better, if you’d picked up on his cues?”

Damien stared into his drink. “I’d have laughed in his face.”

“There you go.”

“I’m not proud of that!” Damien snarled.

“It’s honest,” Franklin ventured.

“It would’ve been cruel. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not cruel, despite what I’m about to say, which is really by way of information only.” Damien leaned an elbow on Franklin’s shoulder, as he’d been tempted to do many times to call attention to their disparate heights. “The fake blonde DA is rubbing her hand along Bash’s crotch. He’s looking this way, though, and frowning. Those are two things in your favor, I guess.”

Franklin looked in the appropriate direction and blanched. “Is Stanton watching?”

The question didn’t surprise Damien in the least. “He generally does. Stanton’s radar for anything sexual is absurdly accurate.”


Deciding to blame the disclosure on bourbon if it came back to bite him in the ass, Damien said, “The watching is nothing compared to his perverse need to debrief.”


“Welcome to my world, Franklin.”

A measure of what might have been nascent understanding and grudging respect flowed outward from the midget.

* * *

Jared watched Damien accept a canapé from a passing, totally hot server, smile with Bashian confidence and deliver a compliment when she blushed. He, in sharp contrast, took a shrimp wrapped in bacon and muttered, “Thanks.”

“So,” Damien began, expression thoughtful. “Am I to gather you’d prefer Peter to dial down the heterosexuality and take the bromance up a notch?” When Jared looked away, Karp laughed but not in a mean spirited way. “Look, if Lance and I can be friends again, I see no reason why you two can’t be something more.

“Holy personal growth, Batman! When did you get back to being friends?”

“When I finished his fucking 8 hour boot camp workout having only thrown up once, I earned some respect. He’s appointed himself my personal trainer and presided like a drill sergeant ever since.” Damien looked at his empty glass as if it had betrayed him. “Drinks afterward kind of defeat the purpose, but it’s been nice. I only hope I’m not …”

“Rubbing salt in the wound?”


“That’s a tough call,” Jared allowed. Jutting his chin to the bar, he said, “Let’s get another round.”

“Are you sure that’s smart?” Damien asked, making an obvious effort to keep a smirk at bay. He gestured vaguely at Jared and added, “You’re short—a lightweight almost by definition.”

Franklin put his free hand on his hip. “How in the hell am I supposed to get you drunk and take advantage of you, if we don’t drink?”

Damien laughed and Franklin didn’t mind, because he detected no malice in it. “You want to … practice for lack of a better word … for your assault on the Fortress Bash with … me?”

“Can you think of someone better?” Damien’s startled look allowed Jared a slow grin. “You and I are in the same boat. Jared’s with Janie and Hanna’s with … um … what’shisname.”

“The difference is that I’m not sure if I care about Hanna’s situation and you clearly do about Peter’s.”

“The reason for this uncertainty of yours is what, Damien?” He swore to God the older man blushed. A few moments of thought suggested an interesting scenario. “You’ve met someone.”

“Maybe.” Damien looked uncomfortable enough to nearly qualify as cute.

“Is she a Hanna clone?” Jared asked. Evidently, he’d taken the right approach, because Damien grinned—actually grinned, I am not making this up, people—and relaxed slightly.

“She’s the antithesis of Hanna—petite, blonde, blue eyes, quite a bit younger, not a professional per se.” Damien’s shoulders slumped. “Stanton won’t approve. Hell, most of my family won’t. Thank Christ for the cool aunts and several of their offspring.”

“That sucks, about the family stuff not the sweet young thing.”

“My family is impossible to please; I’m used to it. Trouble is, I don’t know if I’m really attracted to her or if I just need not to be attracted to Hanna anymore.”

“You clearly inherited the gene for overthinking from somebody.”

“I’ve been … ah … underthinking for most of my life. It’s time I reversed the trend.”

Franklin slid his arm around Damien’s waist, counting on the what the hell factor to allow it, albeit briefly. “Hanna accused you of that, didn’t she?” Damien slowly nodded and Jared tugged him closer. “She has her own agenda.” He thought of his own encounters with Ms. Linden. “Don’t ever forget that.”

“It’s true, Jared!”

The pain in Damien’s voice spoke to him. “It’s not as true as you think.”

“Enlighten me, little man,” Damien challenged, yet the vulnerability Jared suddenly realized he wanted to sweep away was embarrassingly evident.

“Do you let Lance touch you?”

As if just now realizing Jared was, Damien stepped away. “Just, you know, ordinary guy stuff. Nothing else. Nothing sexual.”

A little surprised Damien was answering his questions, Jared persisted, “What’s a gay gym like anyway?”

“I have no idea. I go to the same gym I’ve gone to for years. I just don’t work out alone anymore.”

“Oh. Well, ok. How about other guys at the gym? Do they touch you?”

Confusion looked dangerously close to giving way to irritation, when Damien countered, “What are you fishing for?”

Jared grinned. “I’ll know when I hook it.”

Taking a deep breath, Damien said, “I assume you mean someone like David.”

“Give me a visual of David. Let words be your palette.”

“I can do better than that.” Damien fished his phone from his pocket and manipulated it with practiced ease. “Here’s one Lance took,” he said, turning the phone so Jared could see the picture without relinquishing his hold on it.

“What?” Jared said, before he even bothered to glance at the picture. “Do you think I’m going to grab it and run around the room showing everyone?”

Damien blinked and smiled in a way Jared had never seen before shifting his grip to offer the phone. Damien Karp has a nice smile when there’s no snide, snarky or sarcastic component. Who knew? Mulling over non-triple S smiles, Jared glanced at the photo and his mouth ran dry. A blonde Adonis with sculpted abs wearing form fitting swimwear pointed something out to Damien who wore one of the suits that currently had a high approval rating. In the photograph, Damien looked where David directed, but David’s eyes were on Damien. “Christ, Karp, if you aren’t fucking him, you should be.”

“I’d be all over him, if I were into guys.”

“Full name?” To Franklin’s surprise, Damien produced a business card with a flourish. “David North?” Frowning, Jared said, “Someone that pretty deserves a more exotic last name.”

“Maybe your diminutive self could convince him to change it.” Damien took a long slow breath. “But that would probably deliver the wrong message to your prospective life partner.”

Jared carefully examined the picture. He hadn’t imagined it. David definitely focused on Damien. “Why did you save this picture and keep David’s card, Damien?”

“To piss Lance off when he gets too uppity about my abs.”

Jared considered, finally venturing, “Lance wants—?”

“Oh, yeah,” Damien replied, his smile holding a hint of the predator this time. “Lance would give it up for David in a heartbeat. He even availed himself of David’s services in the hope that there’d be a seduction chaser.”

“Services?” Jared’s attention shifted to the card. “David who needs a new last name is a licensed massage therapist. Of course he is.” Looking closely at Damien, he said, “Have you partaken of his healing hands?”


“Are you kidding me?” Damien’s shaken head demanded further outrage. “Why the hell not?”

“Why the hell not what?” Peter Bash and Janie Ross stood to Damien’s left.

Damien tensed, prompting Jared to hand back the phone and business card. Another of those non-triple S smiles rewarded him. “Jared’s of the opinion that I should’ve brought a date.”

Franklin glanced at Damien and got a slight nod for his trouble. He smirked and took the beverage that no less a personage than Stanton Infeld offered. Stanton nodded to a pretty girl with a tray and she handed Damien, Peter, Janie, Hanna and what’shisname beverages. Thoughts of sexual debriefing robbed Jared of the ability to speak.

“She had to work tonight,” Damien said, “but I wouldn’t have invited her anyway. It’s too soon to subject her to any member of my family.”

“You wound me, Damien.”

“With a song in my heart, Stanton.”

“You look lovely tonight, Mrs. Cleaver,” Jared said, gesturing grandly to Janie’s pearl necklace.

“Knock it off, Jared,” Bash said before aiming an apologetic look at Janie.

“I’ll sustain the objection on the basis of your statement being argumentative,” Damien said and Jared laughed at Janie’s unsure annoyed expression.

“I’ll rephrase,” Jared said, making what he felt to be a courtly half bow to Judge Karp, wondering if he’d ever really have to get accustomed to seeing Damien in a black robe. Oddly enough, he suspected he might. “You look lovely tonight, Miss Rainy Day Jane.”

He grinned at Damien’s look of utter and abject horror and enjoyed how it dissolved into helpless laughter. Peter looked stunned, Janie confused trending toward apoplectic.

“I don’t get it,” Hanna commented, strutting on her fuck me heels to get into Damien’s personal space.

Damien sobered and shrugged. “Struck me as funny. Go figure.”

“No accounting for taste,” she muttered. Hanna turned away but Peter didn’t, so he saw the wink Damien aimed in my direction. To borrow Damien’s word—awesome.

* * *

Janie tugged at Peter’s arm but he resisted. “What the fuck are you doing with my partner, Karp?”

“He’s my partner too. Stanton saw to that.”

“We’re a three way made in …” Franklin hesitated.

“Bangladesh,” Damien supplied, pleased that he made Franklin laugh, Janie smile and Bash offer up what he considered to be an inferior scowl. “Run along and play with the peroxide among us, Peter. Jared and I have things to discuss.”

“What things?”

“Relevant, non-Bash-related things.”

“Listen, Karp, if you think you can just waltz in here and monopolize Jared, you’ve got—.”

“The right idea, evidently.”

“Janie, I need a word with Jared.”

“Peter, maybe we should just have another drink and head home.” Seeing something she didn’t like, Janie amended, “Or head home and take our minds off of this dull party right now.”

“I’ll be back,” Peter said, coming to an awkward halt when Damien stepped between him and Franklin.

“It’s ok, Damien. I’ll talk to him.” Franklin smiled, as Damien stepped aside. “Thanks.”

Damien inclined his head in acknowledgement and watched the DA out of the corner of his eye as Bash hustled Franklin away.

“What’s going on, Damien?” Janie demanded. “Jared hates you.”

“Hate’s a strong word, don’t you think?”

“Not between the two of you.”

Damien laughed. “Haven’t you ever heard that the enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

“You aren’t my enemy.”

Damien recognized a killer exit line when he thought of one. “I’m not your friend either, Ms. Ross, as I believe I’ve just amply demonstrated.”


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This is great. You really have their voices down. I am so happy you wrote this gem. There just aren't enough damien/jared fics around.

Hey, thanks! When I write something and get only a couple of comments, I wonder about the voices. Glad these worked for you. I had a nugget of an idea and was encouraged to try.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I appreciate it.

(Deleted comment)
You did not but better late than never! Don't be sorry. I'm just glad you took the time now to say your piece.

Peter and Jared running Damien's campaign is scary and therefore perfect to my mind.

I just went with the notion that Jared would take an opportunity like this to throw Peter for a loop, because he obviously feels the Janie situation is pathological (and I happen to agree with him). Using Damien and kind of fishing for information vis a vis Damien felt right to me.

I switched back and forth between Damien's and Jared's point of view when the scene breaks happened (but they aren't as obvious because the action is ongoing). Sorry for the confusion.

"With a song in my heart, Stanton," is my current favorite line.

I'm working on something for a friend's birthday (her request was write something with Damien being awesome), but I'm not sure I can make the September 6th deadline. Wish me luck.

This is amazing! Can you please continue? There just aren't nearly enough Damien/Jared fics out there.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate them. I didn't quite know what I was going to get when I embarked on this, but I'm glad it's worked for folks.

I may be inspired again if the series is renewed. The silence from TNT has been deafening, though.

Please point me to any decent Damien fic out there. IMO, there's not enough of that.:)

(Deleted comment)
I've been surprised how much Jared has grown on me and, quite frankly, share his opinion of Janie.

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Damien helping Jared out almost against his will was fun to contemplate.

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