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Battle of Britain--Chapter 16
matching clothing
Rating: R (language and sexual situations)

Author: morgan72uk and rogoblue

Summary: Dominic moves his command to Berlin.

“What do you think of it?” Corporal Vandermeer asked, tone uncertain.

Colonel Laurence Dominic stared at the small estate that the young man had procured for their headquarters. The grounds were sweeping and the house looked imposing enough, but Dominic had doubts about the heating. “Let’s have a look at the inside,” he said, brooding over how Adelle hated to be cold.

“The Germans have provided a household staff,” Vandermeer said.

“Including a pretty blonde maid and a mother hen cook, according to Adelle.” He knew full well it’s what she would do if she were in their shoes.

“Sir?” Vandermeer said.

Dominic squared his shoulders. “I’m to sleep with the former and talk to the latter about my troubles.” Spearing Vandermeer with a sharp gaze, he said, “No one is to fraternize with anyone provided by the Germans. I don’t care how attractive or seductive they are. The men may talk to the cook about their sweethearts back home or a case of the clap and what might be done about it. Things like that. Nothing about what we’re here to do or how we plan to go about it.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Dominic muttered, wishing Adelle hadn’t extended her trip, leaving him to establish the ground rules.

The seven men ascended the stairs. Dominic and Vandermeer followed by two bodyguards, Daniels with his sharp eyes missing nothing trailed by two more large, capable men and the ever resourceful Sergeant Williams bringing up the rear. Dominic wondered what Adelle would think of the antiquity of the house they’d commandeered.

Vandermeer knocked and the cutest thing Dominic had seen since Judith answered. She demurely dropped her eyes before executing a curtsey. “Colonel,” she murmured in a compelling bedroom voice, “welcome.”

She’d spoken in English and Dominic had no intention of betraying his increasing knowledge of German. “Thank you, Miss …”

“I’m called Bridget.”

“Thank you, Miss Bridget,” he amended. He gestured behind him. “My men and I would like to get a start on setting up our offices before dinner, if you could show us to the proper area.”

“This way, Colonel Dominic,” she said and he conceded that he liked how his name sounded from her lips. Given time, this young woman might have brought him to his knees, if he didn’t already have bigger fish to fry. Frowning, he stepped aside, as Vandermeer strode into his element and delivered a functional command post in 14 minutes and a highly effective one within 90.

“Dinner is served, Colonel,” murmured Bridget and Dominic could easily imagine her tying him in knots, although not the complicated kind Adelle had used to secure him to her bed with brightly colored silk scarves. There had been incredible pleasure in surrender, just as Adelle had promised, but he’d been embarrassed by some of the things he’d said and done and that he hadn’t been able to untie the damn knots.

“If you would follow me.” Bridget’s voice drew him back to the present.

Looking at her ass as they made their way to the dining room, while wrong, wasn’t a hardship. When she bent low over him to pour some wine, he very nearly rolled his eyes. How stupid do these people think I am?

The soup course arrived and wine was poured for everyone. Dominic didn’t worry about the alcohol. His body guards never had alcohol while on duty and all four of them considered themselves to be on guard at this moment, evidently. Vandermeer would nurse one glass of wine throughout the meal and run interference if need be. Last but not least, Daniels and Williams wouldn’t let Dominic drink alone. Everyone had their role to play, he thought with a smile.

A bell chimed. The women looked at each other in confusion of the ‘who can be calling at this hour’ variety. Bridget disappeared, as an older woman served the second course—some kind of dumplings in a light colored sauce.

Upon her return, Bridget curtsied abruptly in annoyance. “Colonel, you have a visitor,” she said.

“Who?” She handed him a slip of paper bearing familiar handwriting. Smiling warmly, he said, “Show Adelle in and set another place at the table. Here,” he indicated, “beside me.”

* * *

A different woman might have found it daunting to walk into the dining room in the face of so many different gazes—some welcoming, others curious and a few overtly hostile. Supremely unconcerned, Adelle DeWitt focussed only on Laurence.

The powder puff who had answered the door had her nose put out of joint because Adelle refused to be deterred by the news that ‘the Colonel is busy,’ insisting that he be told the identity of his caller.

She’d resisted the temptation to send a shot across the powder puff’s bow, telling her and whoever she reported to, that they would have to do better. As long as they thought their current strategy might succeed, they wouldn't attempt something else, so she’d thanked the young woman graciously and in German.

The men stood as she entered and she smiled and nodded in acknowledgement before reaching Laurence's side. He looked fit and sharp, relaxed but in command.

"Welcome to Berlin," he said, leaning over to kiss her cheek, adding quietly "I missed you."

"I missed you as well." After he held her chair and she’d settled beside him, she smiled at Vandermeer. "Your new Headquarters is very impressive."

The Corporal looked pleased but his Colonel looked uncomfortable. She doubted Laurence felt at ease with this level of opulence, but it would do him no harm to learn to at least look the part. If his career continued to develop, he would have ample opportunity to use such a skill.

The older maid dropped a plate in front of her with a heavy thump. "Your domestic staff is not pleased by my arrival."

"I'm glad you're here," he said, pouring her wine. “That’s what counts.”

Raising her glass to the table and then to Laurence she offered a toast. "To being in Berlin."

"To being in Berlin with you," he added, looking only at her.

Adelle shivered. Being apart after several intimate days had been difficult. Her body had recovered and she hoped that next month would not bring a repeat. In the meantime, she wanted more of the intimacy, but this time with the culmination that her body had denied them.

The others made excuses to depart until only two bodyguards remained, silent and watchful. Adelle wondered if Laurence would find them as difficult to get used to as his surroundings.

"Vandermeer says I have a sitting room and a bedroom." He slipped an arm around her. "Do you want to take our coffee upstairs and have a look?"

* * *

“Headed up, sir?” Corporal Vandermeer called from just inside the entryway to the working portion of their headquarters. Dominic nodded. “I’ll tag along just to be sure everything is satisfactory, if that’s all right, sir.”

“It’s fine, Corporal,” he said, determinedly not even glancing at Adelle, who somehow transmitted her amusement via their clasped hands.

Vandermeer dashed past them and took the stairs two at a time. “Your rooms are on the third floor, sir. Yours, a pair for your bodyguards and a storage area full of all manner of things.” He paused on the landing. “I’m looking forward to seeing what all we have in there.” With a jaunty salute, Vandermeer resumed his rapid climb and passed out of sight.

“His enthusiasm is refreshing,” Adelle murmured, leaning into Dominic.

“Vandermeer’s brand of enthusiasm is exhausting.” They shared a laugh.

When they reached the first landing, she said, “Kiss me.”

“I’ll spill my coffee if I kiss you and that’ll piss off the staff even more than your arrival did.”

She elbowed him lightly in the stomach. “I meant gently.”

“I don’t want to kiss you gently,” he murmured. “I don’t think I can, other than on the cheek.” He proceeded to do just that and Adelle slowly stroked his throat in response. Dominic stepped closer, painfully aware of the bodyguards General Crane insisted upon waiting six or seven steps below. “I have to have you.”

“You may take me however you like.”

“C’mon,” he said, tugging Adelle along in his wake and trying not to smile at her amused satisfaction or imagine what the two trailing men must be thinking.

“It’s through here, sir,” Vandermeer said, bouncing from one foot to the other at the far end of the hall, thumb pointed at the door behind him. When they arrived, Vandermeer threw open the door.

Dominic stared. “Is this your idea of a joke, Corporal?” he asked, proud of keeping his voice level and at least seemingly calm.


“It … it’s orange. The room is orange.”

“Peach, Laurence,” Adelle said.

“What?” both men asked.

“The color is peach.”

“Peaches look nothing like that,” Dominic insisted. Rounding on Vandermeer, he said, “There are flowers all over everything, Corporal.”

“Not quite everything, Laurence,” Adelle interjected, obviously enjoying herself at his expense.

“Near enough,” he grumbled. Shoving Vandermeer into the sitting room, Dominic said, “I will not have rooms with this many flowers.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know, sir. I just asked them to set aside the largest suite of rooms for you, sir. No one mentioned flowers or orange. Excuse me, ma’am, peach.”

“I’m from Michigan, Vandermeer. I know what a damn peach looks like and that,” Dominic pointed dramatically at the wall right next to the door, “isn’t it.”

Adelle slipped her now free hand around Dominic’s waist. “Corporal Vandermeer will see to procuring proper furniture for these rooms at first light, but I do hope that any actual changes can wait until we breakfast.” Her laughing eyes captured his and Dominic couldn’t look away, as her amusement gave way to desire. He, however, wasn’t inclined to give up outrage quite so easily.

“If things aren’t underway by lunchtime, there will be hell to pay,” he said. Without looking away from Adelle, he said, “Is that clear, Corporal?”

“As crystal, sir. Good night, sir, ma’am.”

She bid the kid goodnight. Dominic sent him on his way with a glare and finally deigned to cross the threshold. “This is horrible,” he groaned.

“It is quite dreadful, but I’m sure the dowager who occupied this suite adored flowers.”

“I have nothing against flowers, unless they’re sent to you by another man or slapped all over every piece of furniture and half of the curios or whatever the hell you call the rest of this.” He sighed and closed his eyes. When he reopened them, nothing had changed. Horror dawning, he stepped closer to Adelle. “If the bedroom is anything like this, I won’t be able to sleep.”

“You were intending to sleep?” she murmured, sliding her hand over his hip.

“Not much,” he allowed.

“Adams and I will be just outside, if you need us, sir,” Sergeant Driscoll said, neutral expression suggesting he was silently laughing his head off.

“Is that strictly necessary?” Dominic asked.

“We’ve had the training, sir, and that’s standard procedure.”

“What about privacy?”

“We don’t hear anything that isn’t relevant to your personal safety, Dom,” Sergeant Adams said. He gestured to Driscoll and then to himself. “We’ve been around long enough to know the difference between an energetic private moment and a life and death struggle.”

“Good night, gentlemen,” Adelle said, raising her coffee cup to them.

“Same to you, ma’am,” Adams said. Perhaps better gauging his superior officer’s mood, Driscoll nodded at Adelle and saluted Dominic. Waiting just long enough to annoy, Adams saluted, allowing Dominic to do the same and slam the door.

“Alone at last,” she said.

“In a … a … I’m not sure what the hell to call this.” Dominic spun slowly, taking in the satin, lace, flowers and fucking peach.

“It’s an accommodation that will be modified to better suit your taste in the very near future.” She took his coffee cup and placed it on a small table that looked fragile enough to collapse if she put hers beside it. When she did, he held his breath. It didn’t buckle, but he hoped Adelle had no further plans for it. She draped her arms around his neck. “Whatever shall we do to take your mind off this unfortunate development?”

“We can’t turn any lights on in the bedroom,” he said. “It might be worse.”

“How could that be?”

“I don’t know, but I never imagined anything like this, so … I’d rather not take any chances.”

“Might we light a few candles in the bedroom?”

“No more than three.” He kissed her to stifle her laughter. “What are you trying to do to my reputation?” he whispered when he let her up for air, reasonably certain she didn’t have enough breath to start laughing again.

* * *

“Laurence,” she said, the word little more than a puff of air in the small space between his lips and hers. The frantic crescendo of their bodies didn’t permit anything more substantial. The powerful back and forth of his body intoxicated her and she struggled for a hold on the sweat slicked skin of his back.

Her arms and legs wrapped around him kept her in place as he maintained their balance. Throwing her head back, their motion carried her further and higher and she felt him lose control. Her cry might have been muffled by the walls and failing that, she trusted the bodyguards to be discrete about the number of ‘energetic private moments’ they had overheard this night. Together they fell back onto the bed in a tangled mass of limbs.

Laurence lifted his head to place gentle kisses to her eyelids and cheekbones, as she cradled his weight. When he moved off her, he drew Adelle along and she stretched out beside him. She winced. Their first coupling had been extremely physical, but as the night had progressed, the physical expression became secondary to an emotional one. Looking into his eyes, as he’d moved powerfully within her made words seem superfluous.

She murmured a sleepy protest as he rose, but he leant down and kissed her gently. “I’ll be back in a second.” She let him dispose of the protection they’d used and curled up, pulling the soft sheet around her. The bed was sturdy and although the hangings were hideous, beneath them lurked a rather charming piece of furniture she hoped would survive Vandermeer’s cull.

When Laurence returned, he handed her an envelope bearing her name in unfamiliar handwriting. “It arrived in a letter for me,” he said, leaning against the headboard and tucking her into his side. Curious, she drew out two sheets of paper. She hadn’t expected the letter to be in French, but as she read more she began to understand. Laurence’s mother wrote like a sensible, practical woman who was, even after all this time, more comfortable in her original language.

“I mentioned you spoke French when I told mom about you,” he said, looking slightly embarrassed. “I ... ah ... told her a lot of things.” Smiling, she read on. Mona Dominic was immensely proud of what her son had made of his life, even though that life had carried him away from her. As someone who had been without parents for her adult life, Adelle found it rather moving and thought one day she would like to meet the woman who emerged from the letter.

“Why does she say I am to tell you to pay no attention to your sister?”

“Lynn wrote, too.” He hesitated and then shook his head. “She doesn’t think you’re good enough for me.”

“Would anyone be good enough for her big brother?” She queried lightly, not as perturbed as he appeared.

“She married someone who grew up six streets away. All her friends live in the same area. I couldn’t ever go back to that, but I think Lynn imagined I’d settle down with...”

“Someone from a similar background?” she offered, thinking of Ruth Morrell.

“She doesn’t know anyone who speaks multiple languages, travelled for most of her childhood or has a Lord, a Bishop and an Admiral as Uncles.”

“Not to mention a successful wine-merchant,” she added, because they both enjoyed having excellent alcohol at their disposal. “She’s your sister and she probably idolises you. Your life is very different to hers and, unlike your mother, she is scared that means she’ll lose you.”

“Why isn’t my mom scared about that?” Adelle thought it interesting that he didn’t seem to know the answer to that.

“She thought she’d lost you and then, when you wrote her a proper letter, she got you back.” His face contorted with emotion and she drew him into her arms. “It’s all right,” she breathed, holding him close. “You’re a good son, you know.”

“Mom might disagree.”

“I think we’re in perfect accord, actually.” When she turned onto her side, he settled behind her. Adelle sighed happily, as he nibbled her ear and stroked her hip. “Do you have any leave?”

“A lot, Crane’s been after me to take some for months, but I didn’t see the point. I didn’t really want to go anywhere or time to myself.”

“And now?”

“I can think of a few things I’d like to do.” He pressed his lips to her shoulder and she wriggled back against him. “Stop that, Adelle. I need time to recover.”

“Come to London with me for Judith’s wedding,” she said, twisting to look at him. “I haven’t had a chance to buy her a wedding gift. If I bring you to her wedding, I won’t have to bother.”

“You want me to come, so you don’t have to go shopping?”

She laughed at his moue of distaste. “Rather because I love being with you, but I don’t much like going to weddings.”

* * *

“Is that why you don’t want one of your own?” Dominic asked, not sorry to have startled Adelle DeWitt somewhat, because he wanted her answer.

“In part,” she said, green eyes watchful.

Grateful she didn’t seem about to clam up, he said, “You’re going to force me to pay Judith to throw her bouquet in your direction, aren’t you?” When she nodded, he smiled and sighed exaggeratedly. “You can’t drop it on purpose, you know. I don’t think she gets a do over and you don’t want to ruin the moment for her.” Adelle shifted so that their heads were level and stared into his eyes. His heart started pounding, as though he’d sprinted carrying a full pack, but he couldn’t look away. Her intensity inspired as it intimidated.

“You should get some sleep,” she said, even as she stroked his right thigh with her fingertips.

“You should agree to marry me,” he murmured. Her hand stilled and he put his over it. “Will you, Adelle?”

“We’ve only just found each other again,” she said. “What’s the hurry?”

“I’m not in a hurry, but I do want to know if marriage is within the realm of possibility.” She kissed him gently, but he couldn’t tell if she was softening a forthcoming blow or telling him he had a chance. Deciding it wasn’t cowardly to try to lighten the moment, he said, “I’ll go to Judith’s wedding with you, if you’ll consider marrying me.”

“I’ll consider it quite carefully, Laurence.”

Again, her lack of hesitation could be a good or bad sign and he doubted they had similar views on what constituted quite careful consideration. “Then I guess we’re going to London in …”


“We’ll have to pick a hotel with reliable heat,” he said, keenly aware of Adelle’s dislike of being cold.

She slid her thigh along his. “I’m happy you’ve agreed to accompany me, Laurence.”

“Are you planning to make it worth my while?” he asked, delighting in the return of physicality and playfulness.

“Now or then?” she asked, kissing him on the tip of the nose.


Smiling sinfully, she said, “What do you think?”

“I know what I hope,” he replied, caressing her hip lightly. “I’m not sure what I think. I haven’t been doing much of that tonight.”

“Will you hear about how much sex we’ve had from Sergeant Adams?” she asked, rocking herself against his thigh, smiling, eyes drifting closed.

“Not in so many words.” Cupping the back of her neck, he pulled Adelle in for a kiss that deepened slowly and devastatingly. The small whimper escaping her lips when he pulled back inspired him to clench his thigh muscles. She moaned as she worked herself against him, gasping when he slipped a finger inside her, allowing him to storm her mouth with his tongue. Dominic kept his finger rigid and still, allowing Adelle to stimulate herself as she liked. Clutching at his shoulders, she surprised him by stopping short of a climax.

When her muscles ceased trembling, she began to move again and hissed, “Yes,” when she altered the angle of her hips.

“You’re not sore?” he murmured just before twisting one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Adelle shuddered against him. He pressed her more tightly against his thigh. She bucked against him wantonly, obviously experiencing an intense and prolonged orgasm, and he felt the first stirrings of renewed desire.

“Not at the moment,” she whispered when she finally stilled and smiled lazily at him. It took Dominic a few moments to recall his question. “Please, put your mouth on me,” she said


Adelle lifted her breasts. “Take your pick.”

“That’s a difficult choice.”

She raised herself to her knees and pulled his head where she wanted it. Her whispered pleas and encouragement spurred and stoked him. He could in no way resist this woman surrendering to the physical.

“I guess you missed me,” he said when he took a break. Her sharp tug on his hair made him chuckle, but he resumed the stimulation. Dominic didn’t look up again until Adelle made a sound of incredible desperation and wrapped herself around him. Hungry green eyes lured him into the snare of her lips.

“Touch me,” she moaned. “Now, please, now.” He smiled slowly, as he ran his hands over her behind. “Laurence,” emerged as a tortured groan and he marveled at the strength with which Adelle forced his left hand between her legs. “I don’t want to think,” she panted, as he relented.

Only then did he realize he hadn’t inquired how her trip had gone, but the wild desire suffusing her entire body demanded immediate action. Dominic captured both of her hands in one of his, taking the choice away, freeing her from any obligation vis a vis him. Adelle’s body thrummed with tension. She bucked beneath him, as he put his mouth on her breast and his hand on her thigh. He grazed her distended nipple with his teeth while driving two fingers into her. Dominic didn’t stop either brand of stimulation until Adelle catapulted past wanting to achieving.

As he held her and whispered how beautiful she was, he worried her heart rate would never slow. “Are you ok?” he ventured when it finally did.

“I am now,” she purred and his body throbbed in recognition of something deeply primal—something shared.

“I’m glad.”

“You’re hard.” He hissed as she wrapped her hand around him. “But not for long.” The expression she’s as good as her word was never more apt.

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This was lovely! I love that Adelle and Dominic got to have their time alone together (complete with discreet security detail) and that she will consider marrying him should he attend Judiths wedding.


It's funny. I read this and said, "Huh," forgetting that I was working on the next one.

Driscoll and Williams, I adore. Adams is a challenge, but I can see that Dom needs someone like that in his detail.

I thought Dom enterprising for striking that deal--I'll go and spare you shopping, IF ... you think it out again!

Best thing for me in this--peach and flowers and Vandermeer's horror at upsetting the Colonel like that.

Thanks so much!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks so much. I had fun with Dom and his new lovely suite of rooms. It probably showed.:)

I don't even know what to say anymore! I love everything you're doing with the characters and how you're developing them. This entire fic is truly inspired.

Thanks so much.

I find it difficult to believe we were inspired to write such an epic. Every time we thought we were done, there seemed to be more to say and explore.

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