October 22nd, 2013

damien jamming

Big Excitement in Ann Arbor

This coming Saturday, cross-town rivals in junior football the Washtenaw Maize and the Washtenaw Blue (Boy Child is #15 on the JV squad) play each other in ... THE BIG HOUSE! My 10 year old is going to play on the field turf of Michigan Stadium (the largest college football stadium in the country).

I suspect the crowd with be approximately 106,973 shy of capacity.

I haven't posted/tweeted much about the football team this year because with injuries (one the day before the season opened to their starting quarterback and last year's most valuable player on the 11-0 Super Peanut Bowl championship freshman team chief among them) and such, they started 0-2. They have stormed back from 1-3 to make the playoffs with a current record of 4-3 (so I haven't jinxed that by hoping in missives to you all).

Boy Child in the Big House--this Saturday!!!

In related news, Husband and I have been the video crew for the team this year. I am pleased to report that I have not gotten a window frame in a shot in 2 games. There will be training they said. Not to worry. Here was the training. This is the camera. Press this button to start recording and again to stop it. This is the zoom button. Good luck and thanks for doing this. A bit intimidated to contemplate the possibility of being installed in the press box at Michigan Stadium.

In still more related news, Boy Child has been dubbed a future offensive coordinator by his head coach and one of his plays will be installed in the WJF Blue JV offense this week.

I think that's it for now!

Have a great day everybody! Think positive thoughts for BC on Saturday (early afternoon)!