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A little down in the dumps having read many reviews of Franklin and Bash, most of which (including the ones that say something to the effect of "played by Reed Diamond, who deserves better") call his role of Damien Karp thankless. He has the thankless job of being the adversary of the title characters (again! see 24 and Dollhouse Season 1).

A few say they give Damien some depth and resonance in later episodes, but they still almost always use that word--thankless.

Need to do something to cheer up. Thanks for reading.

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Lol, I stumbled upon a few reviews that said that Malcolm McDowell and Reed Diamond deserve better, going as far as asking what possessed them to join the show.

Will be watching though. Tricia Helfer's guesting, so yay!

After waiting all this time, I will certainly watch a few more and, as my resistance to Franklin increases, I might be able to make it through all 10.

When I watched just Reed's scenes yesterday (focusing on the suits), it wasn't too bad.:)

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