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Why do I like this picture?
damien listening guitar
I know the idea is the sportswear and I do like the jacket but ... it's the chair that interests me. Hugely. Orange? Who does that?

Source for the photo--letting you know whose sportswear Reed wears.


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That orange certainly pops. I kinda like it, too.

Hey, sweetie, are you home? Hope the spring break thing proceeded well after the surprise at the back door.

I'll tell you the story behind this shortly. You'll laugh. My efforts to move things to rightness.

We are home--almost recovered, too. Maybe. Still not unpacked yet, but I've gotten through my office inbox and D is off at his 3rd game of the weekend tournament. Meeting the Evil Queen was definitely a highlight of the trip, but the rest of it was pretty good, too, including a mushroom risotto to die for.

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