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There's NSA Tech In My Chair (part 3 of Alpha messing with Dominic and DeWitt)
damien listening guitar
Rating: R (language and sexual situations)
Author: rogoblue
Summary: In keeping with Strange Reparations and Second Thoughts, Alpha continues to torment and tempt Adelle DeWitt and Laurence Dominic in the context of the evil episode, Title: There’s NSA Tech in My Chair (Part 3 of Alpha messing with Dominic and DeWitt)
Summary: In keeping with Strange Reparations and Second Thoughts, Alpha continues to torment and tempt Adelle DeWitt and Laurence Dominic in the context of the evil episode, Season 1, episode 9.
Spoilers: Through the episode after Spy in the House of Love, I suppose.
Words: 8,800
Disclaimers: The toys are Joss Whedon’s. The idea is mine.
Dedication: To everyone who’s still out there reading this sort of thing.

“Someone’s been messing with my chair,” Topher screeched to Ivy just before the door to his office shut behind Laurence Dominic.

The Chief of Security dismissed thoughts of The Three Bears as he considered how to play this. The visual image of Topher as Goldilocks was too disturbing for words. Prioritizing rapidly, Dominic rounded up several of his men and glared at Topher on their way toward the stairs. Just as he was about to order a lock down, his cell phone rang. Frowning, he pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID. “Yes, ma’am,” he said, dreading telling Adelle about the latest development.

“Hey, there, Laurence. How’re things?”

Alpha’s voice stopped Dominic in mid stride. One of Dominic’s men couldn’t halt in time to avoid a collision. The impact and mumbled, “Sorry, sir,” barely registered.

Turning to the apologetic man, Dominic said, “Lock everything down except my phone and cardkey. No LAN lines, no cellular service, no Internet. No one else comes or goes.”
Stepping aside to let his men rush down the stairs to do his bidding, Dominic took a deep breath. “What in the hell do you want?” Dominic hissed into the phone.

“We’re talking more in terms of what you want, Laurence,” Alpha said, amusement evident. “You did check the caller id, right? They did teach you to do that back in spy school, didn’t they?”

“How did you get Ms. DeWitt’s phone?”

“I pried it from her cold dead hand.”

Dominic stopped breathing, not only because he had no earthly clue with whom Rossum would replace Adelle. “I will shoot you in the head,” Dominic vowed. “Twice.”

“I’m kidding,” Alpha said. “Sheesh! Lighten up, secret agent man.”

“Where is Adelle?”

“In bed. Naked. Just where and how you like her, so why don’t you come on over to her place and we can—.”

“I’m in the middle of something right now,” Dominic said, glaring at Topher again, because glaring at Alpha wasn’t an option and Topher had emerged from his domain in contravention of a direct order. “If you can give me a few hours, I can—.”

“You have thirty minutes.”

“It takes almost that long to drive out there,” Dominic said, mind racing, seeking delegation options.

“Then you’d better not waste any more time talking to me or tapping anyone to come with you. I’d hate to have to cut that silky smooth, gloriously unblemished skin, because you brought reinforcements.”

“Wait, Alpha, I need more time.” Dead air was the only reply. “Damn it.”

“Alpha has your cell number?” Topher asked, expression flitting somewhere among horror, amusement and fascination. “Is that what the bloodbath was for—you cheating on him with DeWitt?”

“Everything’s battened down nice and tight, Dom,” Lisa Grayson reported, eyeing Topher with distaste. “No one’s mobile or able to communicate other than you.”

“Good,” Dominic said. “You’re in charge, Lisa. Find me the spy, if we even have one.”

“What do you mean, if?” Topher demanded. “Someone put NSA tech in my chair.”

“Yeah,” Dominic allowed with a small sigh. “And that someone is probably long gone, monitoring their shit remotely and having a few laughs over your pathetic God complex.” Focusing on Grayson, Dominic said, “Take this investigation everywhere you can think of. We can’t stay off line for more than twelve hours. If we don’t find our spy by then, we’ll give Topher a choke collar and put a camera on the chair 24/7. Have Judith reschedule the engagements over the relevant timeframe and order the handlers to return with their actives once the engagements that are currently underway are over. Absolutely no delays or detours.“ Looking around pensively, tapping his cell phone against his thigh, Dominic muttered, “What am I missing?”

“How about your contact at the NSA?” Grayson asked.

“If he knew anything about something like this, I’d have heard already,” Dominic said, mentally cataloguing what he needed.

“Maybe you haven’t asked nicely enough,” Topher opined, ducking back into his office when Dom faked a move in his direction.

“Where are you going, Dom?” Grayson’s quiet concern drew Dominic’s eyes to hers.

“Alpha has Ms. DeWitt.”

“You’re going alone?” Rolling her eyes to the heavens, Grayson said, “Of course you are.” Grabbing his arm as he moved past her, she said, “Be careful.”

“I’m always careful.”

“Kevlar,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Dominic replied, heading for the armory, planning to don full tactical gear even though he knew it wouldn’t alter the outcome much if Alpha decided he was done playing around and wanted to kill him. Dominic would take whatever advantage in surprise and psychology that going in aggressive gained him. He changed and armed himself with the economy of motion that had been drilled into him long ago and had served him well since. Feeling eyes on him as he headed for the stairs to the garage, Dominic turned to meet Echo’s not nearly blank enough stare. The flash of recognition flying across her face accelerated his heart rate. That girl is dangerous. I have to find a way to make Adelle see Echo for what she really is.

Clearing his mind as he drove well in excess of the legal limit, Dominic prepared to face Alpha. He couldn’t afford to worry about the tech he’d installed in the chair to allow the NSA to monitor Topher’s work or whether it could be traced back to him somehow. Alpha had Adelle again and Dominic tried not to consider how badly things could go or how this day might play out if Alpha wasn’t done messing with them. Memories of the last two encounters Alpha had engineered between him and Adelle intruded on Dominic’s calm. Skidding to a dramatic halt in Adelle’ s driveway, Dominic’s eyes locked onto a sleek sports car that wasn’t Adelle’s. Alpha has a nice ride.

Seeing nothing obviously amiss, Dominic got out of the car and trotted across Adelle’s lawn, primary weapon drawn. Finding her front door ajar didn’t bode well. Neither did the blood in the foyer. Following the red trail, moving as silently as a shadow, Dominic glided down a hallway and turned into the living room. Four paces within, he stopped short. What the hell is Victor doing here? Dominic couldn’t remember what engagement Victor had that day and couldn’t fathom why Alpha would’ve disrupted whatever it was to bring him here and cut him up pretty good just inside Adelle’s house or why he’d left the active’s face intact. Checking for a pulse, relieved to find it steady, Dominic felt a pang of remorse for the blood soaked, high quality clothes and took a moment to wonder why Alpha had felt the need to unbutton the shirt before doing his knife work.

“Forty-two seconds early,” Alpha called, Dominic thought from the top of the stairs. “I do prefer my men to be punctual.”

“I’m here,” Dominic said, making his way back toward Alpha. “What do you want?”

“To talk.”

“So talk,” Dominic said, taking a deep breath, considering how best to get a drop on Alpha.

“Make you a deal, Laurence,” Alpha said. “I won’t cut you or her and you won’t shoot me. How’s that? Strike you as fair?”

Dominic rounded the final corner fast and low. The strategy earned Dominic a body slam into the wall behind him. When his surroundings stopped spinning, Alpha held a scalpel just above Dominic’s right eye.

“It’ll be hell on your depth perception if you force me to take this out,” Alpha said, amiable tone and lighthearted expression at serious odds with the threat and weapon poised to back it up.

“Get off of me,” Dominic said.

“Promise to lose your guns and armor and you have a deal.”


“I promise, Alpha,” Alpha said, bringing the tip of the scalpel to rest just below Dominic’s eye, breaking the skin. “Say it!”

“Promise,” Dominic muttered through clenched teeth. Almost before Dominic drew another breath, Alpha leapt to his feet and extended a hand to help Dominic up. Ignoring it, Dominic tossed his guns aside and started removing his tactical gear.

“I love it when you pout,” Alpha said, dropping to sit next to Dominic on the floor. “I bet you Adelle does too, although she’ll never admit it. She’s too refined and far too British to respond to anything as shamelessly endearing as a pout.”
Standing abruptly, Dominic said, “Talk.”

Alpha gazed up at Dominic with a guileless expression that would’ve convinced anyone who didn’t know better. Scowling, Dominic waited. “Aren’t you the least bit curious about the pretty boy I stashed in the living room?” Alpha asked.

“He needs medical attention.”

Waving away Dominic’s concern airily, Alpha said, “He’s stable enough for us to have our conversation. I saw to that.”

Wondering how he was going to manage damage control with his team under lockdown, Dominic said, “How long before he becomes unstable?”

“He’ll wake up in a shit storm of pain in four or five hours. You should probably have him under the care of competent medical professionals when that happens.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Why do you ask?” Alpha said, interest far more avid than Dominic would’ve thought. “It was my understanding you specialized in solving problems more complicated than one sliced and diced active. Tell me I’m not wrong.”

“You aren’t, but I’m a bit understaffed at the moment.”

“Ah, I thought that nasty flu bug would’ve passed the Dollhouse by, but I suppose you never know what the actives will drag in from their engagements. You aren’t contagious, are you?” Alpha regarded Dominic closely, as though looking for symptoms.

“We have a security breach, not an epidemic.”

Smiling nastily, Alpha asked, “How many casualties this time?”

“None.” Unease prompted Dominic to add, “So far.”

“I still hold the record, then. Good.” Clasping his hands together in front of him, Alpha said, “Shall we return to the matter at hand?”

Seeing no way around having whatever conversation Alpha intended, Dominic asked, “Why did you bring Victor here?”

“I didn’t.”

“Then who did?”

“He arrived driving that fine piece of machinery you couldn’t help but notice on your way in.”
Crossing his arms in front of him, Dominic said, “Don’t bullshit me, Alpha. I’m not in the mood.”

“Awwww,” Alpha said, rising to his feet with a powerful kind of grace. “You really are having a bad day. Tell Uncle Alpha all about it.” Gesturing back in the direction of the living room, Alpha said, “After you.” When Dominic didn’t move, Alpha said, “Please, Laurence. I’ve poured some wine. I want things to be civilized between us.”

“There are no things between us.” Caution giving way to curiosity, Dominic headed for the living room.

Alpha tapped him on the shoulder. “I’ve set us up out on the deck. The view is spectacular. I hope you like cheese.”

Mind busy churning through scenarios—his current favorite being tossing Alpha over the deck railing, Dominic muttered, “Cheese?”

“Adelle had several fancy cheeses in the fridge. It would be a shame to see them go to waste along with the French baguette that was still warm when I arrived.” Smiling, Alpha pulled out one of the two chairs beside a small table set for two. “Please,” he said, gesturing to the chair. Bemused, Dominic sat and allowed Alpha to push the chair in for him. Alpha poured the wine like a practiced waiter before joining Dominic. “I’ll make a plate for you,” Alpha said, efficiently creating an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of food. “Start without me,” Alpha said as he set about getting food for himself. “I nibbled a bit while I was slicing.”

“So … this is about Victor?” Dominic ventured, dipping a piece of bread into olive oil.

“Not really, no.”

Staring at his wine glass failed to provide inspiration, so Dominic decided to switch gears. “You said Adelle is naked and in bed.”

“I did and she is.”

Ignoring the interest his body had in the visual image his mind supplied, Dominic asked, “What’d you use this time? Handcuffs?”



“I abhor repetition,” Alpha said, popping a large piece of what looked to be Gouda cheese into his mouth. “I also didn’t want to give either of you the impression that I’d fallen into a rut.”

Not understanding the challenge in Alpha’s eyes, Dominic endeavored to rise to it anyway. “Did you undress her before or after you drugged her?”

“Unnecessary,” Alpha said, raising his glass to Dominic, smiling when the Chief of Security ignored the gesture. “She was naked already.”

Annunciation slow and careful, Dominic said, “You’re insinuating Adelle was naked in the middle of the afternoon and when Victor answered her door, you cut him to ribbons?”

“Your grasp of the situation is accurate, as expected, but he’s not answering to Victor at the moment.”

Alpha’s glee and the likely reason for it turned Dominic’s stomach. “Adelle’s using her own product. That’s what you want me to believe?”

“More and more of late,” Alpha said, his expression woeful.

Dominic laughed. “That’s perfect,” he said. “Adelle’s becoming as needy as … Good Christ.” All of the dominos fell. “Adelle is Ms. Lonelyhearts.”

“You are as smart as you look, Laurence. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I’d hate to think I was wasting my time with someone as dumb as Topher believes you to be.”

“Roger,” Dominic said, chasing down the memory. “Roger’s his name. I wonder why.”

“Read her file,” Alpha suggested.

“As if I have access to Adelle DeWitt’s complete personnel file,” Dominic said, mind racing but getting absolutely no where.

“Her first boss at Rossum, married but having a weakness for fresh flesh.”

Considering, Dominic said, “It’s difficult to conceive of Adelle being young and vulnerable.”

“Weren’t we all at one point or another?” Alpha said, eyes watchful, body language poised. Dominic just wished he knew for what. “So what sort of security breach were you in the midst of dealing with when I so rudely interrupted? You’re one of the few men I’ve seen who can make barking orders sexy. More women can do it. I think it’s the heels.” Grinning, Alpha said, “Don’t scowl. It’s a gift you should be proud of while you tell me about your problem.”

Continuing reminders of the ongoing investigation Dominic neither needed nor appreciated. “It’s nothing important.”

“Why would you lie to me?” Alpha asked, sipping his wine. “I thought we were on our way to establishing an excellent rapport here. What went wrong?”

“You asked about something that’s none of your business.”

“Au contraire, Laurence,” Alpha said in a passable French accent. “Everything about the Dollhouse is of utmost interest to me.”

“Just because you’re interested in it doesn’t make it your business.” Dominic tried an orange cheese that turned out to be excellent cheddar.

“Does it concern Echo?”

“No more than any other doll.”

Leaning back in his chair, pointing at Dominic with a piece of French bread, Alpha said, “It concerns you.”

“What makes you say that?” Dominic challenged, heart pounding.

“I meant concerned in the sense of it worrying you, but your reaction leads me to believe otherwise,” Alpha said. “Whatever it is, it concerns you personally. Hah. I didn’t see that coming.” Glancing around as though expecting eavesdroppers to drop from the sky or climb up the deck supports, Alpha said, “Are you about to be outed, Laurence?”
A shrug had never seemed more difficult. “Maybe, if I’m extremely unlucky.”
Alpha made a show of considering carefully before he said, “You should tell her.”

“Tell who what?”

“Tell Adelle you’re NSA.”

Dominic thought about denial because he had no idea where or how Alpha obtained his information, but his instincts told him it would be pointless and quite possibly dangerous to life or limb. “I’m not that anxious to take a trip to The Attic.”

“She won’t send you to The Attic. Not if you tell her yourself and confess to conflicted loyalties and insatiable lust for her at the same time.” Nodding as though agreeing with himself, Alpha said, “And make clear how amenable you are to her using you for her own ends, of course.”

“I’m not.”

Skepticism personified, Alpha said, “Which of those things are you not?”

“I’m not amenable to being used and insatiable lust is an overstatement.”

Laughing, Alpha raised his glass to Dominic again. “I always suspected a sense of humor lurked beneath the rough and ready exterior.” This time, Dominic chose to raise his as well. As the rims of their glasses touched, Alpha said, “I strongly suggest that you work yourself around to being amenable. It’ll make so many things easier.”

“What things?” Dominic asked.

“Taking down Rossum, for one. Your sex life, for another.”

“What is it with you and my sex life, anyway?” Dominic demanded, draining his wine.

“It was lamentable, Laurence. Someone had to take the situation in hand.”

“And now?” Dominic asked, suddenly seeing a possible way forward. “Exactly what situation are you taking in hand today?” When Alpha regarded him with blatant disappointment, Dominic said, “You don’t think Adelle should be sleeping with an active. Why not? What’s the harm—other than to her ego if she lets herself think about it too much?”

“The fantasy is unsustainable and unsatisfactory.”

“How can you possibly know that?” Dominic demanded. Eyes narrowing he said, “You can’t be monitoring her; I have this place swept daily after the last stunt you pulled.”

“I still have a few tricks up my sleeve,” Alpha said, refilling Dominic’s wine. “Let’s not get bogged down in the details. Suffice it to say that I know Adelle wants a man in her life that knows and accepts what she does for a living, satisfies her in bed, challenges her mentally and physically and just might dream of going away somewhere and having a simpler life. Sound like anyone you know, Laurence?”

“I don’t accept what she does for a living.”

Smiling indulgently, like a teacher at a bright yet stubborn student, Alpha said, “Of course you do. You’re her eyes and ears. You protect her and her interests.”

“I’m there to prevent the tech from going beyond certain limits.”

“So is she, in her own way,” Alpha said.

Alpha actually voicing what he had recently begun to believe disconcerted Dominic. “How do you know that?” he muttered. “Does she talk in her sleep?”

“I know it the same way you do. By how she treats others in the dysfunctional Rossum family and how they treat her.”

“Some say she’s the heir apparent,” Dominic said, hoping it wasn’t a huge mistake to disclose some information to see what else Alpha might know. “The rest don’t trust her.”

“She turns a hell of a profit,” Alpha said around a mouthful of Brie. “Mistrust is more comfortable to admit to others than jealousy.”

“It goes beyond that,” Dominic said, allowing his firm conviction to enter into his voice. “I’ve been trying to figure out the root of it. Hell, it might even go back to the affair you mentioned, depending on how that turned out. “

“She was promoted to his position,” Alpha said, taking another slice of bread.

“What about him?” Dominic asked.

“Died behind the wheel.”

Unsure he wanted to know the answer, Dominic asked, “Was it an accident?”

“The coroner’s report so reads.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“Yes, it is.”

Dominic took refuge behind his wine glass, considering whether a young Adelle DeWitt could’ve perpetrated, aided and abetted, ordered or suggested the elimination of the superior she was currently fucking. Decidedly uncomfortable at the tentativeness of his mental effort at, “No,” Dominic took a deep breath. “Are there any other similar … occurrences during her rise in the organization?”

“Not a one. Everything else stemmed from stellar performance reviews, citing tremendous leadership potential, excellent interpersonal skills when she chooses to use them, sharp wit, creative mind, not overly burdened by such things as remorse or guilt and fantastic legs.” Alpha grinned. “I added the last just to make sure you were paying attention.”

“I’m not sure it plays that the mistrust goes back that far,” Dominic mused.

“Rossum’s not known for lateral hiring at the executive level,” Alpha said. “Upper management is all home grown. Adelle and her peers have known each other for a long time—not necessarily personally, mind you, but certainly professionally. Grudges of long standing might well exist.”

“Ok,” Dominic said, not quite believing he was discussing Adelle and Rossum with Alpha. “Say there was something irregular about Roger whoever’s death. Why would Adelle recreate her relationship with him, if she had anything to do with it? It’s more likely that someone else had him eliminated for some reason. Maybe in order to hurt Adelle and they miscalculated. They may have hurt her, but she didn’t crumble. She worked to get herself in a position where she could protect herself.”

“Or strike back,” Alpha said.

“That too,” Dominic said, for the first time truly tasting the wine Alpha had served. “This is good.”

“Adelle serves only the best to her boy toys.”

“You said her fantasy is … um … unsatisfactory and unsustainable,” Dominic said, trying some of the Gouda. “I get that she can’t have Victor at her beck and call, but he has less than a year on his contract, so maybe she could seduce Anthony and come close.”

“Anthony isn’t anything like Roger.” Shaking his head, Alpha said, “The soft spoken earnestness and fragile nobility would drive her nuts.”

“So it’s not sustainable. Where does unsatisfactory come into it?”

“Not to paint a prettier picture than the situation warrants—she’s fucking him because she wants you and we can’t have that Dom. We simply can’t.”

“We?” Dominic reached for the wine bottle the same time Alpha did. Backing off from a superior grin, Dominic tried to ascertain the nature of the opportunity or threat Alpha represented.

“We,” Alpha said, pouring wine for both of them. “You and I have the same goal—taking the tech from Rossum. Adelle is the key to that. You’re the key to Adelle. Work with me for
Christ’s sake.”

“Alpha, I’m not—.”

“You are at the moment, but you won’t be of any use to anyone if you’re exposed as NSA before you’ve told Adelle yourself. Jesus, Laurence, use your head. She wants you in a big way and she’s burying that desire by trying to recreate past passion. How is she going to feel if her preferred lover appears to be a traitor to her interests?”

“They won’t expose me. There’s nothing to tie the tech back to me.”

“So certain are you?”

“Yes, Yoda.”

After nodding, probably to acknowledge the pick up of the referent rather than in agreement, Alpha took a moment before spearing Dominic with an intense gaze. “Are you with me?”
Following instincts honed by years undercover, Dominic said, “In taking out Rossum, yeah.”
“Then we’ve achieved something here,” Alpha said, offering his hand. After the briefest of hesitations, which Alpha noted with a wry smile, Dominic shook it. “I’m tapped into Rossum at various levels. I’ll pass along information when I can. I’ll code everything with the Greek letter alpha.”

“You used to sign your paintings that way,” Dominic commented, pleased to have finally startled Alpha.

“You’ve read my file.”

“Cover to cover, several times since you left the House in dramatic fashion.”

Speaking slowly, raising his wine glass in just the same manner, as though any sudden move or transition in vocal inflection would rock the boat, Alpha said, “I’m not as unstable as you think.”

“You have no idea how unstable I think you are.”

“Most people would—.”

Dominic leaned across the table, pointing a finger at Alpha’s face. “I’m not most people.” To Alpha’s accepting incline of his head, Dominic said, “Explain, if you will, why we can’t have Adelle fucking Victor in lieu of me.”

“She has the ability and wherewithal to take on Rossum. Adelle lacks the will. If she doesn’t have someone she trusts, someone whose strength she can rely on and use from time to time, she’ll let things progress too far. When backed into a corner, she’ll bite, but that may well be too late. For everybody.”

“I’m in the picture to … what … prod her along? That’s not going to work. Adelle won’t be pushed.”

“I was thinking you might be able to help her see the handwriting on the wall a whole lot sooner.” Alpha poured them both more wine. “With the NSA to back the effort, a coup might well be realistic.”

“And bloody,” Dominic muttered.

“I imagine so.” Grinning somewhat maniacally, Alpha said, “You can’t tell me you don’t want her.”

“That’s not the point.”

“This is. Individually, none of us can take on Rossum and win. Together, there’s a shot. That’s why you should tell Adelle you’re NSA.”

Looking out over the ocean, Dominic said, “There will be a time and a place to tell Adelle the truth. This isn’t it.” Alpha’s snort of disgust drew Dominic out. “Look, she’s going to be embarrassed and defensive once she knows that I know she’s Ms. Lonelyhearts. She’s been lying to herself in acting out this fantasy and she’s going to be forced to acknowledge that to some extent when she wakes up. The revelation that I’m not exactly what I seem couldn’t come at a worse time.”

“That makes sense, but what if you’re exposed?”

“I’m headed to The Attic, unless I can talk her out of it.”

“And Rossum wins.”

“Not necessarily.”

Rising slowly, expression resigned, Alpha said, “It’ll only be a matter of time. Good luck, Laurence, because this particular project requires all three of us. I’ll be in touch.” He offered his hand again and Dominic took it. Leaning on the deck railing, Dominic stared at the ocean for a time, contemplating what he’d just done, trying to wade through implications and ramifications. Rousing himself, he drew his cell phone from his pocket.

“What’s the situation, Dom?” Lisa Grayson asked.

“You first.”

“We’ve got nothing via the usual routes so far, but Topher programmed Sierra to infiltrate the local NSA field office to see if she can find anything relevant and Echo as a spy hunter.”
A shiver ran down Dominic’s spine. “On whose orders?” Dominic asked.

“Sierra on mine. Echo on his own initiative.”

A stiff breeze blew from the west, but Dominic doubted that was why he felt cold. What the hell is a spy hunter? “What’s Echo doing?”

“She’s interviewing a relatively long list of people. Process of elimination, she says.”

“Anyone unusual or interesting on the list?”

“I’m on it,” Grayson said. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a more uncomfortable conversation.”

“Should I expect to be grilled when I get back?” Dominic asked, tone casual, sarcasm unmasked, completely in character.


Sigh of relief inaudible, Dominic said, “I need a sanitization crew and a medical team at Ms. DeWitt’s residence. I know we’re in lock down, but Victor needs medical attention and her foyer and living room are a bloody mess.”

“What’s Victor doing at DeWitt’s? Rumor had it he was banging his elderly lady friend.”
“Alpha brought him here, obviously.”


“How in the hell should I know why Alpha does anything?” Dominic snarled, hoping his temper deflected this line of inquiry.

“How is Ms. DeWitt?”

“Sleeping,” Dominic said, only now realizing he’d simply taken Alpha’s word for it. “Alpha
sedated her.” Taking the steps two at a time, Dominic ran for Adelle’s bedroom, half listening to Lisa Grayson’s plans for meeting his needs. He stopped just inside the door. Adelle lay on her side, facing away from him, sheet draped across her hips, upper body exposed and naked as advertised. Seeing the telltale motion of breathing, Dominic closed his eyes and leaned against the door, wincing at the impact, reminded of Alpha’s first, extremely physical salvo.


“I’m sorry, what?”

“Where’s Alpha?”

“I ... ah … I don’t know.”

He could almost hear Grayson’s frown. “Did you see him?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I have the bruises to prove it.”

“You confronted him?”

“In a manner of speaking, but he got away. He’s damn good at that.” Definitely not wanting to talk about this further, Dominic said, “I’ll wait for the teams you send, oversee their work and make sure Ms. DeWitt is all right when the drugs wear off. Continue what you’re doing but pull the plug on Echo if you think she’s out of line in any way.”

“How could she be out of line, Dom? Topher said—.”

“Look no further than the last two words you’ve spoken, Lisa,” Dominic said, a profound weariness settling upon him. “Keep a sharp eye out is all I’m saying. If you think it’s time for her treatment, make it happen, regardless of what Topher says.”

“Got it, Dom.”

Ending the call, Dominic crossed the room slowly, silently. He adjusted the sheet to cover Adelle to her shoulders and settled in to wait before he realized he had a loose end to tie up. The medical team arrived three minutes ahead of the sanitization group. They collected Victor quickly and efficiently, allowing the sanitization people to start in the living room and work their way outward. Ruined furniture was removed, carpets torn up and replaced, walls washed down, accents cleaned or replaced. In less than two hours, Adelle’s foyer, hallway and living room looked as they had prior to Alpha springing more than a few leaks in Victor. Tread light, Dominic climbed the stairs once more. Adelle appeared not to have moved at all since he’d left her. Taking a seat in a chair near the window, Dominic looked out at the ocean and cleared his mind. Attaining something akin to a meditative state, Dominic released worry, tension and fear and just existed for a time in a place between sleep and wakefulness.

“Mr. Dominic?”

Jerking to full alertness, three quarters of the way to drawing his 9mm, Dominic froze. “Ma’am.”

“What are you doing here?” Adelle’s voice of command had returned full force.

“What do you remember before you fell asleep?” he asked, grateful that he’d turned on a few lamps before zoning out. Otherwise, he would’ve missed the blush creeping across her cheeks.

“I don’t recall you being present.”

“Odd place for a meeting with Rossum brass,” Dominic observed. “Not to mention the … uniform.”

“I lied to you. Sue me.”

Regarding her levelly, he said, “More than once, evidently.”

“Are your feelings hurt, Mr. Dominic?” Adelle smiled coldly, but couldn’t completely mask her discomfort. “I wouldn’t have thought you so fragile.”

“Are you feeling all right, Ms. DeWitt?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” Shifting beneath the sheets, Adelle squirmed into a seated position with more dignity than Dominic would’ve imagined possible. “What on earth are you wearing?”

“Black,” Dominic replied, stretching his legs out before him, crossing his ankles.

“I see that,” she said, eyes blazing. “Why?”

“Lisa Grayson thought Alpha warranted full tactical gear.”

“Alpha?” Her eyes darted to the door. “Alpha’s here?”

“Was.” Nodding in the direction of her gaze, Dominic said, “He made a mess of Victor.” The look of horror on Adelle’s face angered and in an odd way relieved Dominic. Managing both emotions was surprisingly difficult. “Not his face, ma’am. He’ll be back on the roster before too long.”

“I see.” Green eyes captured blue. “What was Victor doing here, Mr. Dominic?”

“Alpha brought him here for purpose or purposes unknown.”

“The car he arrived in?”

“I put it in your garage. The keys are in the ignition.”

“Thank you, Mr. Dominic.”

“All in a day’s work, Ms. DeWitt.”

“You disapprove.”

“It’s not up to me to approve or disapprove,” he said, considering how to leave this topic gracefully.

“Are you jealous?” she asked, smile sultry as she stretched languidly beneath the sheet.

“We agreed I wouldn’t be,” he said, recalling a very early morning conversation in Adelle’s living room. “We both thought it was for the best.”

“Are you jealous, Mr. Dominic?”

He sighed and closed his eyes briefly. “Yes.”

“Good.” Adelle released the sheet, exposing her upper body, arching her back slightly.

Dominic bit his lip. “We have a bit of a problem at the House,” he said. “Topher found NSA tech in the chair—some kind of monitor. He and Ivy were looking it over to more precisely determine what it does. We have no idea how long it’s been there.”

“The NSA has been sniffing around our proverbial crotch for years. How is it that they’ve
achieved penetration unbeknownst to us?”

Aggression had served him well in similar situations throughout his career. “Topher’s a security nightmare, that’s how! Anyone can waltz in there and half the time he’s bouncing on his trampoline or eating, rather than keeping an eye on the damn chair.”

“Shouldn’t you be keeping an eye on the damn chair, Mr. Dominic?”

“You’ll recall the conversation I attempted to have with Topher about security cameras in his area. He waved his hands in favor of neuroscientific artistry produced without Big Brother watching over him, invasions of privacy, inappropriate voyeurism, as if there’s an appropriate kind, truth, justice, the American way, apple pie, baseball and the rights of grandmothers everywhere.”

“You have an excellent memory,” Adelle said, smile finally appearing more amused than sexy. “However, I believe he feared Big Bad Laurence watching over him.”

“You caved on that, just like you did the trampoline.”

“So I did.” Her admission begat a comfortable silence. Dominic tried not to enjoy the view Adelle afforded him. He failed. “What is being done about the NSA spying on our chair, other than the effort to ascertain exactly what sort of information they’ve extracted? No,” she said, “table that question in favor of this one. Why are you here when the House requires leadership?”

“Alpha specified me.”

“You came alone.”

It wasn’t a question but Dominic replied, “As Alpha demanded, yes. If the spy is an employee of ours, which is by no means guaranteed, we’ll figure it out. Between my team checking security footage and reviewing personnel files and psych profiles, Sierra playing spy versus spy and Echo the spy hunter, we’ve covered all of the bases we can. I add nothing beyond another pair of eyes to those efforts.”

Dominic recognized the slight smile-nod combination as indicative of approval and satisfaction. The relaxation in his shoulders evaporated in the face of Adelle’s tone when she said, “Laurence, you look quite arresting in black.”

"You look pretty damn stunning in a sheet.”

“Come to bed.”

The invitation delivered by word and deed—Adelle stroking the place next to her, smiling sinfully—brought Dominic to his feet. “No way,” he mumbled.

“Why ever not?”

“You’ve had sex today with an active programmed to meet your every need,” he hissed. “I’m not going to try to compete with that.”


“I’m more of a realist.”

“Trust me, Laurence,” Adelle said, sliding the sheet away, giving him a sightline to the legs that kept him awake at night.

“You lied to me,” he murmured, eyes feasting at the banquet she provided.

“Not about anything important.”

Breath coming faster, he asked, “How do you figure?”

“I’m not lying now. I want you, Laurence,” Adelle said. The simple admission undid Dominic.

“God, Adelle, we talked about this. We can’t afford to ...” She licked her lips, a slow methodical maneuver that took his breath away. “It’d be too complicated, if we … Christ, Adelle, stop that.”

“I can’t,” Adelle said, stroking her thighs, forcing Dominic to imagine taking over for her. “Not if you won’t participate.”

“There’s no excuse this time,” he said, tugging at a collar that suddenly seemed too tight. “No drugs. No video. Nothing but being alone together. Adelle, think about this. We’re alone together a lot.”

“I know.” Her statement ended in a moan, as her fingers got more serious between her legs. Taking an involuntary step forward, Dominic shuddered in response.

“We’re alone in your office most of the time,” he said. “Do you really want to routinely put on a show for building security?”

“I trust that I will not constantly be in the mood to shatter your self control.” Tactilely teasing herself, visually and aurally torturing Dominic, Adelle said, “For those times when I am, I know a man who can delete any footage I might regret.”

“Adelle, you’re killing me here. Please stop.”

“I’ve progressed too far for that,” she whispered. “What’s more, I’m enjoying your … discomfort.”

“You’re perverse,” Dominic muttered.

“Hardly. You’ve been offered what you want. You’re perversely denying yourself and me.”

“Because we agreed that’s what we should do.”

Spreading her legs a bit wider, staring deeply into Dominic’s eyes, Adelle asked, “Isn’t it a trifle obvious that I no longer share that sentiment?”

“More than a damn trifle.”

“You aren’t going to leave me to my own devices, are you?” Adelle asked, eyes heavy lidded, lips begging to be bruised and bitten. When Dominic tugged his shirt out of his pants, Adelle knelt on the bed and whispered, “Let me.” Instead of lifting his shirt over his head, Adelle slid a hand beneath and stroked his abdominal muscles, as she used the other to pull him in for a long luxurious kiss. “Forgive me?” she whispered against his lips when they parted.

“For what?” he panted, holding Adelle close, enjoying the feel of her pressed against him.

“For not being perfectly straightforward with you.”

“For lying to me, you mean,” he said, the last word pretty much a groan as Adelle nipped the base of his throat and apologized with her tongue.

“Yes,” she murmured, shifting position so that her thigh pressed against his erection.

Alpha urging honesty inspired Dominic. “If you’ll return the favor some day, Adelle.”

“Of course.”

Stepping back, Dominic took off his shirt and dropped it next to the bed. Adelle frowned as his belt followed. “I wanted to undress you,” she said.

How can that woman make petulant sound sexy? Dominic sat on the bed to remove his boots. “You weren’t making any progress,” he said.

“I was planning to savor the experience,” Adelle said, pressing open mouthed kisses along the line of his throat, reaching around him to unbutton and unzip his pants. “Lift.”

“Let me get these boots off first,” he said.

“I’d much prefer to get you off, Laurence.”

“I’m with that program, but the pants won’t come off until the boots do.” Undaunted by such logistical issues, Adelle slipped her hand beneath the waistband of his boxers and stoked along his length, slowly, surely and firmly at the same time she twisted a nipple and bit down on his earlobe. Groaning, Dominic kicked off his second boot, turned his upper body and reached for Adelle. Playfully, she moved back out of range. Mesmerized by the sway of her breasts, Dominic whispered, “God, you’re beautiful.”

Reclining, Adelle said, “Take off your pants.”

“Then take you?” Dominic asked, complying at best possible speed.

“If you like.”

“Oh I like. I definitely like.”

Pants and underwear landed atop Dominic’s shirt beside the bed. He slipped in beside Adelle atop it. They stared at each other for a long time, neither touching nor speaking, building the anticipation. When the tension became unbearable, they joined hands—his right and her left. The simple gesture suddenly took on a world of meaning and became an end in itself, satisfaction on an emotional plane. Adelle’s whisper of his name broke the spell and they moved together with a powerful sensuality, seeking the same in the realm of the physical with a shared desperation. Bruises formed, skin gave way beneath nails, words never intended to be spoken aloud were uttered and moans became sighs as they crested the peak together.
* * *
“You’re quiet,” Adelle DeWitt observed. Her chin rested on Dominic’s shoulder, her body draped over his. “What are you thinking, Laurence?”

Gesturing vaguely, he whispered, “About this. About us. Wondering whether we just took the first real step toward something meaningful or made a huge mess of things.”

“We’ve had mutually satisfying sex. That’s all.”

“Is it?” he asked, tilting his head to face her, smiling slightly when their noses collided.

“It is possible to have sex without complications.”

Dominic laughed. “No, it’s not. Not with you. You’re too damn complicated.”

“Don’t be difficult, Laurence.”

“Was sex all you got from Victor?” he asked, shifting away slightly to better look Adelle in the eye. “If so, you wasted your money. There’re much cheaper ways to go about getting off.”

“He understood,” she murmured. “He knew all my secrets and loved me anyway. That doesn’t happen in real life, Mr.—.”

“Don’t,” he said. “You’re not going to distance yourself. Not after you talked me into this.”

“I talked you into nothing,” Adelle said, kissing along the line of his throat, lingering on the livid bruise she’d given him at its base. “It isn’t my fault you can’t allow a woman to stimulate herself to orgasm.”

“Yes, it is,” he said, closing his eyes, enjoying the memory of her tempting performance. “Tell me something, Adelle. What made you change your mind? You were the one who was vehemently adamant about keeping a professional distance.”

“You agreed.”

“With some reluctance,” Dominic said. “You, on the other hand, seemed like you’d already put what we’d done together behind you.”

“Appearances are often deceiving.”

“You haven’t answered my question, Adelle.”

She lowered her head to rest it on his shoulder. “You’ll likely laugh.”

“No, I won’t,” Dominic said, curiosity beating caution to a bloody pulp. “I promise.”

“When I woke this evening, the first thing I saw was you and I felt glad that you were here.” She sighed and Dominic didn’t laugh. “I had no idea why you were, but your presence made me feel safe.” Adelle poked him in the side lightly as though to release the laughter she suspected lurked within him, but Dominic was more stunned than amused. “I’m not often given to such stereotypical feminine musings, Laurence, so don’t imagine you’ll become accustomed to them.” He could almost feel her smile. “Then I truly noticed what you were wearing and my body didn’t seem to care what we’d decided there would or wouldn’t be between us.”

“So the expensive suits have been a mistake?” he asked.

“Decidedly not. Judith and I enjoy discussing the ensemble of the day immensely.”

Dominic frowned but his cell phone rang before he could respond to Adelle’s latest admission. Dropping a quick kiss on her lips, Dominic shifted Adelle next to him, sat up, found his pants and retrieved the phone. “Dominic.”

“Sierra’s on her way in with some evidence she uncovered at the NSA field office, Dom,” Lisa Grayson said. “She’s confident it will identify our spy.”

“Good,” he said, reaching for his shirt. “Send the nice spy hunter back to la la land and get ready to act on Sierra’s information.”

“Echo wants to share her findings with you,” Lisa said.

“Findings?” Dominic asked, blithe tone masking his disquiet. “I couldn’t care less about findings. Sierra has evidence.”

“I think you should talk to her, Dom.” The slight edge in Lisa’s quiet conviction sent a chill down Dominic’s spine. Trying to determine what his instincts were telling him, Dominic pulled on his shirt.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Alpha’s advice, “You should tell her,” rang in Dominic’s head. Adelle’s sentiment about knowing all of a person’s secrets sent the opposite message.

I’ve spent my entire career brazening things out. Why stop now?
* * *
“What’s Sierra’s ETA?” Laurence Dominic demanded as he and Adelle DeWitt strode into her office.

“Four minutes,” Lisa Grayson said, eyes darting to Echo.

“That’s the time you have to share your findings,” Dominic said, wishing for the formality of a suit even though the all black and booted look had done nice things for Adelle and trying to appreciate the symmetry of Echo’s sleeveless shirt and pants being black also.

“I think you all were making this far more difficult than it actually is,” Echo stated, smiling coldly. “Once a company man, always a company man, Mr. Dominic.”

“Who in the hell gave her access to my file?” Dominic demanded.

Everyone looked at Topher who smiled weakly and waved.

Heart pounding, Dominic said, “I made no secret of my employment history … um …” Dominic glared at Topher again. “Did you give her a name or are we just going with spy hunter?”

“It’s not your history, I’m concerned with,” Echo said, approaching Dominic at a slow saunter. “You’re in contact with the NSA in the here and now.” She nodded to Grayson. “She says so, among others.”

“I have a contact there, yes. We speak regularly.” Dominic shared a glance with Adelle, her neutral expression oddly calming. “The NSA has been trying to access information about this House for years. We thought we’d kept them at bay. Everything I’ve heard seemed to bear that out, but Kurt isn’t exactly plugged in to Project Barbie, so there’re bound to be things he’s unaware of.”

“He figured out the project name,” Echo said, resting her hands on her hips. If he hadn’t been so sated by sex with Adelle, he might have grudgingly admired her toned arms.

“It’s not exactly subtle,” Dominic said and got a wry smile from Adelle and a giggle from Topher for his trouble. Dominic’s cell phone rang. “Dominic.”

“Sierra’s touched down,” Gavin Detmer said. “We’ll have a look at what she has and deliver the spy to you promptly, Dom.”

“Excellent.” Dominic turned to Echo. “Sierra’s back and we’re analyzing her evidence.”

“Call him,” Echo said. “Put it on speaker.”

“Who?” Dominic asked.

“Your contact at the NSA,” she said.


“Why not?”

“Because I have nothing to prove, least of all to you,” Dominic said.

“She’s spoken to several members of the team, Dom,” Grayson said. “Sowing doubt.”


“When you got word that Sierra had returned, everyone in this room got tense,” Echo said. “Who’s the spy? You’ve been as loose as can be since you’ve arrived. That doesn’t play.”

Dominic refused to look at Adelle, wondering how to explain away his post-coital state, trying to determine whether he’d have to come up with some fiction in order to skate by. Adelle stepped to his left side, her body shielding her right hand from everyone other than Echo, her eyes boring into Echo’s. Adelle’s hand meandering from the small of Dominic’s back to move possessively over his ass garnered a slight frown from the intrepid spy hunter.

“Call your contact,” Echo demanded.

Sighing in a long suffering manner, Dominic looked to Adelle. She shrugged. Finding it interesting that Adelle wasn’t going to order him to do it or put a stop to Echo’s inquiry, Dominic hit speed dial three on his phone and put it on speaker.


“It’s Laurence. I have NSA tech in my imprint chair. You want to enlighten me.”

“If I’d known you had NSA tech in your imprint chair, you’d have known you had NSA tech in your imprint chair,” Clark said. “I’ve stuck by you all this time. I’m the only one who has. If I’d been going to sell you down the river, I’d have done it long ago. Don’t make me sorry I believed you were ordered to kill the target and his entire extended family.”

Responding to the rising tension in his handler’s voice, recognizing it as a demand for information, Dominic said, “Ok, Kurt. Sorry. I meant no disrespect. I just had to ask.”


Dominic glared at Echo. “Because there’s a contingent here who thinks I did it.”

Clark laughed. “After what the agency did to you? Are they nuts or just after your job?”

“I’d go with overzealous,” Dominic said. “Take it easy.”

“Ain’t no other way to take it.”

Disconnecting, Dominic said, “There you have it.”

“You identified yourself with your first name to let him know something was wrong,” Echo said.

Certainly not going to admit she was absolutely right, Dominic said, “And the moon is made of green cheese and Santa Claus is alive and well and on Nutrisystem For Men because his wife is tired of making clothes that big.”

At that moment, the elevator arrived. Dominic stepped in front of Adelle as two of his men ushered Ivy into the office roughly. “Here’s your spy, Dom,” Detmer said.

“No,” Topher said. “No way. You know there’s no way.” Eyes darting frantically among Adelle, Dominic, Echo and Ivy, he hissed, “You know it!”

Detmer left Ivy to the junior man— Franklin, Dominic thought his name was—and offered a sheet of paper to his superior. “Here’s the evidence Sierra brought us.”

Adelle DeWitt read over one shoulder, Echo the other. Uncomfortable in the extreme, Dominic forced himself to read. When the women finished, Adelle stalked to Ivy. Echo stayed put, to Dominic’s right, just outside of his peripheral vision. Dominic barely heard Adelle’s diatribe against lying and betrayal, Topher’s increasingly agitated protestations or Ivy’s declarations of innocence, concentrating on keeping his expression neutral and attentive.

“You unsnapped your holster 20 seconds before the elevator door opened,” Echo said. “Feeling exposed, Agent Dominic.”

“I thought there was a spy about to enter this room,” he muttered. “I stepped in front of DeWitt too. I don’t suppose you noticed that or attributed anything significant to the maneuver. Like maybe that I was doing my job in terms of ensuring the security of the Director of this House.”

“Who you’re fucking,” Echo said.

“Yes,” he said.

“That’s convenient.”

“Give it a rest already,” Dominic muttered.

“You said you thought there was a spy en route.” Echo let the statement hang.

“Yeah,” Dominic said, looking over his shoulder at Echo, who apparently was just as hyper observant as she appeared to be. Crossing the room to Adelle, he said, “Ma’am.”
“Mr. Dominic?”

Taking a deep breath, Dominic said, “May I ask a question?”

Eyeing him curiously, Adelle said, “Certainly.”

“What does the NSA tech monitor, Topher?” Dominic said.

“The component parts of the imprint. The layers we use to create the personalities and the manner in which we overlay them.”

“In low tech English?” Dominic asked.

“He means the set of behavioral templates we start from and how we arrange them to form the completed personality, Mr. Dominic,” Ivy said, obviously grateful for the respite from Adelle’s ire.

“But you know what templates you start from and how they’re arranged in the imprint, right?” Dominic said, eyes on Ivy.

"Well, yes,” Ivy replied.

Shaking his head, Dominic faced Adelle. “That’s the question I can’t answer, Ms. DeWitt. Why would the NSA install a device that might be discovered to get information their spy already knows or could readily ascertain for imprints she didn’t participate in building?”

“Exactly!” Topher shouted, pausing a moment, frowning, likely in shock at agreeing with Dominic. “It makes absolutely no sense that Ivy is a spy.”

“Building in redundancy is often prudent,” Echo said. “Strategically speaking.”

“I’m thinking treatment,” Topher said, lips set in an uncharacteristic line.

“I second that,” Ivy added, eyeing Echo warily.

“Fickle, aren’t you?” Dominic asked Echo before turning his attention back to Adelle. “That kind of redundancy is impractical and irresponsible.”

“A brilliant move,” Echo said, smile approaching absolute zero on the Kelvin scale. “I have to hand it to you, Mr. Dominic. Very few spies would clear their scapegoats or so deftly deflect the inescapable conclusion that the tech isn’t redundant vis a vis you.”

“It isn’t redundant vis a vis anyone in the organization except for the two of them,” Dominic said.

“Then why would the NSA files contain evidence implicating her.”

The absolute, God’s honest truth was fun to offer. “Beats me.”

Echo nodded. “You didn’t agree with the selection of who would take the fall for you. Interesting.”

“Moving from mildly interesting to actively bizarre,” Dominic said. “I’m with Topher on the treatment issue.”

“Proceed, Mr. Brink,” Adelle said, expression thoughtful.

“On it,” Topher said, gratitude practically oozing from every pore, as he took Echo by her elbow and asked her if she would like a treatment.

“I enjoy my treatments,” Echo said.

Dominic refused to react, hiding behind the stoicism and folded arms that had served him well, so that no one would get the bright idea that the spy hunter had found her quarry but had been unable to trap him. As the elevator doors closed on the neuroscientists and the active, Dominic offered Echo a small triumphant smile.

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I'm still out here, reading this sort of thing.

You've always been so good with banter. And, oh, Dom. You should have told Adelle. Here's to hoping he tells her first before a something awful happens and massive fallout becomes massive.

And whoo! Alpha and Dom bromance potential. Hee XD

I'm relieved to know that there are folks still checking this stuff out.

Dialogue is fun and it's fun to let these three characters talk far more than they were allowed to on the show. Ah, what might have been.

Dom's a gambler of a sort. And I think he might've been right about this being a REALLY bad time for Adelle to find out about him. But, yes, so long as the secret is out there ...

The bromance--yes. I had an idea shortly after season 1, episode 10 where we discover that Alpha and Dominic had been in communication of Alpha breaking Dom out that had a very heavy bromance element. Never wrote that one,so maybe this is it's way of getting out of my head.

Thanks for still reading and commenting.

(Deleted comment)
I wasn't sure whether to tackle Spy in the House of Love directly again, but I'm glad I did. I much prefer this "explanation" of why Dominic was loose back in Adelle's office.

Alpha and Dominic had some sort of connection that was never explained so I took it for my own. Heh.

New and exciting--thanks for those kind words and for continuing to read and comment.

I'm still out here as well, and I can wholeheartedly say that I will be as long as fic as great and detailed and clever as this is still being written. Nothing could take me away from this pairing with fic like this. ;)

This one came out better than I'd hoped. Everything just seemed to fit. And I love using the line about shooting Alpha in the head. Twice. I can't recall what episode it was in (the one where we review Alpha's dramatic exit from the Dollhouse), but I loved that line.

Thanks so much for the kind words and for continuing to read and comment.

I love how you've written Dominic, his arrogance is completely in character. He actually thinks he knows what he's doing and that he can control the situation, but we know that he can't. We know it's all going to go so wrong. SO WRONG.

His belief that he could control the situation got him into trouble on the show and it may yet do so here. But his arrogance also got him through this particular rough patch, so I'm thinking it's a trait that's a double edged sword--sometimes it's favorable and sometimes not.

The potential for Supreme Wrongness certainly exists. Now if I can only figure out what happens next.

Dom's my favorite character so it's always nice to know that folks think I do him justice. Thanks!

I'm still out here! That was excellent. I am loving the Alpha and Dom relationship (and partners in crime) as well as Adelle finally admitting that she does need Dominic in more than a professional capacity.

She did kind of admit that, didn't she? I didn't really realize that consciously until you mentioned it. It's clearly there and I wrote it, but I think I was really focused on Dominic in this bit. My bad.

There was that whole thing when they downloaded Dominic into Victor where it seemed that Dominic and Alpha were in communication that was never fleshed out on the show. So I borrowed the idea.

Thanks for continuing to read and comment.

I like how this played out in comparison to the episode. The Dom /Alpha 'deal' is interesting. I can now see Alpha breaking him out of the attic if that was how Adelle reacted to being told (or finding out) or indeed abducting her and persuading her to see sense with regard to Dom.

Have you written any Alpha /Adelle scenes - in part 2 maybe? It would be interesting for him to have a variety of the same conversation with her.

On the other hand - Dom 'telling' her after having slept with her several times and having developed intimacy and a certain trust could be devastating - for them both.

There were Alpha/Adelle scenes in part 2, but they were focused on Dominic rather than Rossum. I think Alpha is getting his jollies out of being something of the man behind the curtain. He has Dom on board now and the next step is Adelle but whether he acts directly or via Dom remains to be seen. Read--I have no idea where this is going.

Dom might be ok so far. Manipulated into things a couple of times. More or less seduced this time. And Adelle did say she'd forgive him for lying to her at some future time. Thus, there is some possibility for moving forward, but somehow I think events might overtake them. Events have a habit of doing that.

I just had to debunk Spy in the House again. I couldn't help myself. Dom and Alpha had some sort of deal, as we heard about in the show that followed, but it never was explained, so ... I took that on.

As Alpha seems to believe this project needs all three of them, I imagine he'd do what's necessary to move things forward with all of them.

Glad you liked how it went.

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