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Caps from Extra from S2 Dollhouse DVD
longer, dominic
Below are some screen caps from the Extra entitled Defining Moments

Reed's comment regarding Laurence Dominic and The Attic: We know I got stuck into The Attic and it's ... it's infinitely more horrible than I could have ever imagined.

The Man Hug--Reed Diamond and Joss Whedon

Goodbye--Nice Smile and Open Finger Wave

Bonus--Olivia's Goodbye Pose

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Oh, Reed. I adore you. I can't wait until you're back on my tv.

I second that motion wholeheartedly! Or both of those motions, I should say.

He's supposed to be in a new TNT show. It doesn't sound like my kind of show, but I'd watch just for him!

Yeah, Franklin and Bash. I don't like lawyer shows (being one), but I will watch. Although, I saw something not too long ago that dampened my enthusiasm. Garcelle Beauvais was supposed to be Reed's girlfriend and now it seems the poor woman has gotten stuck with Breckin Meyer. I was consoling myself that I could wait until June because I'd get cable TV love scenes, but ... Sigh.

For Reed and Malcolm McDowell, I'll watch.

Did you get the voice at least on Firebreather on Cartoon Network? I liked Reed's superhero voice.

I haven't heard his voice on Firebreather, no. Didn't even realize he did voice work and now I must seek it out because I love stuff like that!

I'm not really into crime/justice shows period (my Nana loves them so she watches them constantly and I burned out on them a long time ago), but I'll give it a try for him.

*rubs hands together evil-like* Now...how do we get Olivia on there to play a love interest? *plots*

F&B is supposed to be a strange case show and lighthearted. Malcolm McwDowell hires the brash nutso attorneys (Franklin and Bash) to handle the firms weird cases. Which kind of makes it different. Kevin Falls and Bill Chaiss are great writers. So there's hope.

He did voice work on a LA Theater Works production called The Real Dr. Strangelove too. I think you can still hear it if you down load from an LA radio station. He's not in it very much but he has such a clear voice. If you like, I can try to find the link.

Olivia, yes. That would work nicely wouldn't it?

Light-hearted you say? I might enjoy it then. I am ridiculously fond of frivolity and humor. *grin*

Nah, no worries about finding a link. I'm about to run off to bed and most likely won't remember that you've sent it by the time I wake up. I will seek out Firebreather, however, since I'm pretty sure I can find that easily enough. Thanks for offering though!

That's what Marc-Paul's been saying--lighthearted and that he's had fun making the show.

Good night and thanks for commenting.

...I can BE a member. *looks*


Gosh, he looks so tired, haha. But that scruff <3 And is Reed taller than Joss? :OOO. The shoes Olivia wore in this show are epic, then.

Oh, yes, Reed is clearly taller than Joss. Reed's 6'1". Joss is not.

Of course Reed was tired--his wife was expecting a baby--Reed was in line for either working or running errands--that's how that works.

Shoes are important!

Glad you liked. I've been meaning to get this done for a while and I owe you some serious Kellerman (and I will get to it, I promise). RL gets in the way sometimes.

Lol, I googled Joss's height. Apparently, he's just 5'10. I've gotten it in my head that Joss is around 6'3

Yeah, well, it's actually apt for the ep, that he looked tired.

It makes me so excited to get my Dollhouse s2 dvd (I'm gonna get it next week). hee.

Eh, no worries. RL would always come first. Me, I don't really have a definite RL to speak of. Maybe when I go back to law school. haha

I would think it would be tiring to bounce from mind to mind chasing someone you can never quite catch. Tiring and frustrating. So, it certainly apt.

I loved the shoes they had Eliza wear in The Attic so she didn't look too much shorter than Reed. They weren't exactly the most practical for bouncing from mind to mind.

Well, hello there Mr. Cheekbones...and fantabulous smile!

I'll trade you with a Sir Cheekbones and Smile of my own! Albeit of a quite different variety... :-P

Fixed the link to the first man hug pic. You should take another look. Don't know what happened.:(

Damien needs to get to use a version of that smile at some point, please, oh, please.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Ohmygosh, that is an awesome man-hug pic! Eeeeeeeeeeee! Hugs for everyone! :D :D :D Moar hugs!

Dude, seriously, I needz some happy!Damien in my life! MOAR MELTY SMILES!!! :D :D :D <--- examples!

I like that in the top 3 and in the wave goodbye that his stunt double is sitting in the background. Fun.

I have this Damien idea that I started and is morphed a little that I have zero time for now. Wah!:((((

Glad I fixed the pic.

Oh noes! Does this mean I have to go back to writing my own fic again?! *le tragedy!* Er, I mean, how dare RL get in the way of your plans... >.>....

Pah! The stunt double looks like a mini-clone! ...or at least he did until I started looking at him too critically...*squints*

P.S. Check out my journal closer to the most fabulous day of ~*~LOVE~*~. There may be things there that interest you! ;-)

RL is giving me a bit of a challenge right now, but I'm hopeful to emerge from the ooze sooner rather than later.

I did look at your journal and I have a theory (based on nothing other than timing--no information, no quotes, no nothing). Reed was listed on the press releases for eps 10-13 of season 2. He appeared in 10-11. In November of 2009 (when Dollhouse was wrapping up) Reed and his wife had a child. I can imagine Joss saying--if we were gearing up for season 3, I'd need you, but ... go spend the time where it matters. Like I said, just a theory based on events.

Damien is screaming at me to write his fic, so it might get done. And I'm editing the massive (even more so than Road Trip) Dollhouse AU, so ... Not total fail.

*waves pompoms* You can do it!

...well, huh. That makes me take back my words of grumpiness...hmmm...well, fair enough...that's a better theory that I've got, lol.

Heh, okay, so I should stop assuming people live in my brain and understand me when I start rambling... What I was trying to say, in a goofball way, was that around Valentine's Day (I'm thinking the 12-13th), I think I'm gonna have a mini-ficfest on my journal. So! If RL eats you up and you end up avoiding LJ for awhile, you should totally stop back in round about that time or so (or come back to it, whichever). Although, you are always more than welcome to come troll the journal. :P

...there will be no complaints from me if fic gets written! :D

P.S. to the S. Have you ever read The Time Traveler's Wife? I meant to mention this on the part of Road Trip that had the really pretty "Adelle waiting for Dominic" scene (Epilogue part 1?), but the author had some really pretty "waiting for The Hero" to return moments that I was reminded of as I was reading your fic. If you haven't read it, you might enjoy it (when/if you ever get free time again). :)

I have read this. I liked it.

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