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Small, Somewhat Sleazy Role for Reed (Stage/Radio/Now Audiobook)
damien listening guitar
In a fluke of strange and unenlightening searches for something completely different I came across this product for sale at amazon.com.

Speech and Debate [Dramatized] [Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition]
by Stephen Karam (Author), Andrea Bowen (Narrator),

Reed Diamond (Narrator),

Nora Dunn (Narrator), Bobby Steggert (Narrator), Gideon Glick (Narrator), Andre Sogliuzzo (Narrator)

Apparently LA Theatre Works records plays in front of a live audience and then broadcasts them on the radio on various NPR stations and the like. The announcement for this play (done in 2008) is here.


Reed's part is small--just the first scene, but what happens in that scene and in the past involving his character is central to the play. However the nature of the character he plays may press hot buttons for some people. So I've put further information (which, by necessity, contains spoilers) behind the cut below. The bottom line is--you can hear Reed's part of the play if you don't mind the subject matter.

Reed plays a 36 year old high school drama teacher. The first scene is a spoken Internet Instant Messaging session between Reed (whose character has a truly awful name that my mind has blocked but I will listen again if anyone really wants to know) and the eighteen (he hopes) boy he’s trying to get to meet him for sex. I found the discussion kind of interestingly sleazy and as one of the characters later says, “kind of dirty.” The kid in this scene, Howie, was my favorite character by far of the main three in the play. Howie is played by Gideon Glick. There is information later in the play that leads to the inescapable conclusion that another boy wasn’t yet 18.

If this sort of thing doesn’t bother you, here’s the link to the product on Amazon. If you click the link below the picture to listen, you’ll hear the introduction and Reed’s scene.


If the audio from this link doesn’t work (it didn’t for me), you can go directly to amazon.com and hear it there.