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Smirking Reed in Profile on Franklin and Bash
longer, dominic
My favorite promo photo is bigger!

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OMG IT'S BIG! And omg, Breckin Meyer, you're so tiny!

I saw a tweet by a woman who watched Malcolm McDowell eating lunch with Reed Diamond and telling him animated stories. She said it was the best part of her day. It seems like they're still shooting the 13 eps for the week.

I think TNT ordered 10 episodes (which kind of makes no sense because every other show they have on did 13 episodes in its first year). Hopefully, we'll get at least 13 when everything is said and done.

Malcolm McDowell seems like a cool person from everything I've read about him.

Yes, as to the bigness, because you can really see his expression. I almost fell over when I realized I could make it this big. It just features the teeny tinyness that is Brekin Meyer.

I'm looking forward to the solo pics. And I do hope we get a name for Reed's character. It kinda makes me sad that he's always referred to as "Stanton Infeld's nephew"

And I meant, MMcD telling RD stories animatedly. lulz.

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