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Homicide LotS Season 4, Episode 1, The Fire, Part 1
damien listening guitar

In the beginning of Mike Kellerman’s tenure on Homicide:Life on the Streets, season 4, there was the time of the poofy hair. Since said poofy hair is kind of endearing, I present, “Poofy Hair: The Challenges and Triumphs--Part 1."

(Above)Reed/Mike Kellerman: (speaking of a witness) She’s being very cooperative. She didn’t see anything before the fire. She wants to make me pancakes.

(Below) Poofy hair and entering a building where a fire has just burned out do not mix. Product is being severely tested at this time. We have product failure.

However, when not poking around burned out buildings, hair is able to assume varying levels of poofiness. Such as:

Talking to your informant.

Entering the homicide unit and looking quite lost and then talking to the big bad homicide detectives about the case.

Interrogating a girl who might know something and picking a fight with a fellow detective.

When attempting to flirt with your ex-wife as she's getting lab results for you and, sadly, having to converse with another of the haughty homicide detectuves (I should mention Mike was an arson guy at this time).

While getting chewed out by your captain.

While being propositioned by a "witness" who wants to make him pancakes.

Talking with those pesky homicide detectives about next steps and being called to a second fire.

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Poofy hair is magical! I love his poofy hair! Especially his hair during the "getting chewed on by the captain". HEE. SO YOUNG!

And I'll gladly make pancakes for you, young!Reed. Except that I'm still confused on how to make pancakes. I just like smelling the flour. lulz.

I will be grabbing some caps, if you don't mind. That poofy hair needs to be made into lovely things like wallpapers and icons.

So long as said sharing of WP and icons is forthcoming.

Between the poofy hair and the facial expressions, Mikey is kind of difficult to resist. How his ex made the decision to become his ex on this show is difficult to understand.

Did you see the earlier thing I posted regarding Full Moon without the poofy hair?

I haven't checked it out. This poofy hair entry distracted me, and I made something... out of it :DDDD

Already? Awesome!

There's still The Fire, Part 2, but I need a rest after the screencapping marathon that was yesterday and the day before.

Yes. It's here

I... have no life. Hahaha!

I don't think too much of a comparison will be possible with Full Moon Episode Reed. He's in EarnestMikey mode. But your piece was fun.

You are getting extremely good at picspams. Thank you for sharing this with us!

If only I could get a handle on how to get the pictures to appear next to each other instead of in a vertical line! I think I'm beginning to understand why I'm having trouble but I think I might have to stick with this style for a while.

Anyway, I'm glad all the swearing at LJ is worth it as I can at least share the pics in this way.

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