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Homicide: LotS Full Moon
damien listening guitar

This is one of my all time favorite scenes in Homicide--vintage Season 4 Mike Kellerman.

In a Homicide:Life on the Streets, season 4 episode, entitled Full Moon. There is a charming, lovely scene where Reed is interviewing a prostitute who is swimming naked in a motel pool. She asks him if he could hand her her robe and he holds it out to help her into it while averting his eyes.

Once she has it on, this ensues.

She: You can look now.

Reed/Mike Kellerman: Ok. I never know. Where to put my eyes, I mean. It's confusing, you know. No, seriously, on the street, out in the world, you're not supposed to look. I mean, you do, but you ... you pretend you don't. And sometimes you're supposed to look, straight on, up and down. You know, get an eyeful and drop to your knees and say, "Halleluiah."

She: Brother, if I wanted you to drop to your knees, you'd know it. There wouldn't be no two ways about it.

Reed: I don't suppose there would.

They go on to have a lovely, poignant conversation in lounge chairs by the pool in the middle of the night about lost opportunities in life.

It’s awkward and charming and has a whole bunch of interesting camera angles. Screen caps from said conversation.

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Lovely! Thank you for sharing this with us!

This is what happens when I have time on my hands and don't feel like writing. Now that I've managed to learn how to do screencaps.

You are most welcome. I'm glad to take some time so others can enjoy them.

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